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The weekly favourites of G - Issue #5


Giulia Cian Seren

February 6 · Issue #5 · View online

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Today’s Monday, isn’t it? Yeah. Sorry about that, I bet you’re heartbroken and wondering where did I end up yesterday. Trust me, you don’t want to know. 
It’s a beautiful sunny day in Singapore and I’m getting ready to fly to New Delhi tonight. I love Mondays! And Sundays! And every day of the week now that I think about it. 
 This email is going to be about Mondays so if you hate Mondays… read on. If you love Mondays, love them even more with my very cool recommendations. 

I Hate Mondays - this is one of my favourite channels on SoundCloud (it’s also on Spotify). Beautiful playlists to start the week with the right sound! 
#MotivationalMonday - a beautiful tradition I share with my dear Alessia. Monday is the day where we get real and give each other very honest and constructive feedback. Because we all need a nudge in the right direction and who better than your best friend to do it? 
The week starts better if all your affairs are in order. This article teaches you how to encrypt your whole life in under an hour. TL;DR: use a password manager, and accept that identity theft is everywhere. 
Thinking of yourself as a startup also helps. This book by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman shares very good practices to *get your s*** together" and they apply whether you’re a student, a developer or a makeup artist. 
I can’t really think of a Monday-specific product. I bought a weekly planner by Moleskine a few weeks ago and I do like relying more on paper and less on Gcal. 
I hope you all have an amazing week! If you want to follow my Indian adventures, check out my travel-only Instagram profile @gypsygiulia
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