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Giulia Cian Seren - Issue #3


Giulia Cian Seren

January 22 · Issue #3 · View online
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It’s been a exciting week around the world, huh? As for me, my jobbatical at Jobbatical is over and it’s fair to say I spent the week relaxing and thinking about what I want to make of 2017. 
>> If you’re looking for a job abroad, Jobbatical is a great platform for that. I can only recommend the experience of working abroad in a multi-cultural team <<
I’m preparing for the upcoming months of adventuring by reading, learning Spanish and trying to improve my photography skills. If you’ve read a great book recently, or attended a Coursera class - please do reach out and share it with me (: 

One really interesting book I read is Unseen Cities. It talks about the flora and fauna found in cities. We all tend to think that cities are ugly blocks of cement (and some of them really are) and that real nature is somewhere else. Apparently, we’re all wrong and we should just learn to observe. 
On the topic of languages, the book Lingo is pretty interesting if you know two or more European languages. Also, if you’re wondering what to study next understanding how and why languages are related is useful. 
Good to see that more and more studies confirm that learning languages does good to your brain, on top of allowing you to order the right food abroad (here’s the article).
Another article I stumbled upon is Why I Never Use Coworking Spaces. Coworking spaces are all the hype lately with their huge funding rounds and world-changing missions. I don’t think it’s an absolute must. Cafés have better coffee anyway.
The travel hack of the week is so simple you’ll roll your eyes. Yes, I’m still going to insist that packing cubes are a lifesaver - both when travelling or relocating. Thanks to packing cubes, I can survive for ten days of holidays in a tropical country with a 20L/8kg backpack. 
Here are some good options. To be honest, I got mine from Taobao and IKEA. I don’t think it’s a splurge-worthy item. 
That’s it for my weekly recommendations. Hope you found something useful or at least outside of your usual social media circles! 
PS: I’m planning my trips to Bhutan and Hangzhou…got tips? ;) 
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