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Gary Wimsett, Jr. - Issue #9

Your Ideal Day

Gary Wimsett, Jr.

March 25 · Issue #9 · View online
The High Five goes out every Friday morning - just in time to jump start your weekend. I'm handpicking five things I think you'll enjoy discovering, listening to, or thinking about as you head out to do great things.

Your Ideal Day

Ring Park with Lily - Part of My Ideal Day
A record number of readers and new subscribers last week! Big thanks to the good people at the Ancestral Health Society in New Zealand. Jamie, Anastasia, and friends are doing important work and I encourage you to check out the link and book your flights early for next year’s symposium. Check out all the presentations from last year’s symposium here. A veritable treasure trove.
  • I did a mental exercise recently where I designed my ideal day from start to finish. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but I think it’s worth the effort. Set aside a few hours for this exercise if you really want to do it right. The goal, ultimately, is to begin to redirect your life toward something that looks more like your perfect day and less like a groundhog day. This link is a good place to start. I get a massage during my ideal day. If you give one during yours, I’m here to help.

  • I’m a sucker for “maker” videos and you’ve heard me talk this year about how important it is to work with one’s hands. I mentioned Shop Class as Soul Craft in an earlier issue - a must read. Even though I’m committed to this concept, I couldn’t help but laugh at this spoof because “maker culture” is getting a bit too precious in some corners.

  • Counterpoint: here’s a video about making shiny balls of mud - and I am actually going to try this.

  • I really love this Amy Hempel Interview on the Art of Fiction. It’s longish but worth it. I love what she says about paying strict attention to the individual sentence when writing. The High Five is written “at the sentence level.” Which discerning readers already know. Both of you.

  • I think and write a lot about simplicity. But, like everything, simplicity has its traps. Be mindful, lest the simplicity of something tricks you into bypassing important information. “When our environment is fluent and easy to process, we process it more shallowly.” 

Trying to go deep this week into this simple thought by composer John Cage: “No why. Just here.”

Have a great weekend,
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