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Gary Wimsett, Jr. - Issue #42


Gary Wimsett, Jr.

September 15 · Issue #42 · View online
The High Five goes out every Friday morning - just in time to jump start your weekend. I'm handpicking five things I think you'll enjoy discovering, listening to, or thinking about as you head out to do great things.

That’ll do, 2017.

Thanks to Irma, there are two very large oak trees down at our house causing all kinds of problems. I used to love trees but now I’m starting to hate/fear them. I want to move to a treeless plain without wind or rain. One huge tree fell on a visiting friend’s car and totaled it while she and Charlotte were loading up the dogs - all the humans and dogs came out fine, after a fair amount of screaming. Who can blame them. The other crashed down on our pool, which is still under construction. We have to wait and see whether the shell is salvageable - the storm water has to be pumped out, branches need to be removed and the whole thing needs to be carefully inspected before we move forward. The first person to ever “swim” in my pool was a person wielding a chainsaw and smoking a cigarette. That’ll take some getting used to. My neighbor’s house was split in two by two giant oaks. Split. In. Two. Luckily, she moved out about a month ago. It has a For Sale sign in the yard. It’s now a very expensive fixer upper with some structural “imperfections”. The entire street we live on was hit pretty hard and some of the neighbors’ stories and struggles are pretty heartbreaking, honestly. We’re just one street. Imagine that a few hundred thousand times over (and many people have suffered much worse) and you’ll have a picture of Florida right now. We’ll regroup, rebuild and resume our lives because we’re nothing if not resilient. I’ve learned more than I cared to about resilience in 2017 - that’s for sure. I hope you are safe and with people you love wherever you are today. Don’t take any of the good stuff for granted. Here’s more good stuff I hope you’ll enjoy. Not a single story about trees sheerly out of spite.
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