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Gary Wimsett, Jr. - Issue #41


Gary Wimsett, Jr.

September 8 · Issue #41 · View online
The High Five goes out every Friday morning - just in time to jump start your weekend. I'm handpicking five things I think you'll enjoy discovering, listening to, or thinking about as you head out to do great things.

You Say Irma, I Say Community

Charlotte & Lily Refuse to Say Goodbye to Summer
Charlotte & Lily Refuse to Say Goodbye to Summer

Hurricane Irma is barreling toward Florida after wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and many are panicking - perhaps rightfully so. It’s difficult to find a gas station without long lines or yellow police tape announcing no more gas. Bottled water has all but disappeared from shelves. Even inland, in places like Gainesville, that rarely experience the full brunt of hurricane force winds, the mood is tense and things feel ominous. Surely the devastation of Harvey in Texas is fresh on everyone’s minds. And behind Irma? More major storms are picking up steam in the Atlantic. It’s tough going to whip up a whimsical newsletter under these circumstances but, on the other hand, some lightness may be just what we need in the face of disruption, danger, and chaos. A reminder that, despite the storms, we’re all going to be alright and community will see us through the toughest times. That’s been the major take away for me over the past few weeks. We really do come together as a people in our darkest hours. It’s been good medicine in a year like 2017 where we’ve seen evidence of so much divisiveness. So, enjoy these links. Look out for your neighbor and stay safe if you’re in Irma’s path. I’m personally cheered to discover one only really needs to exercise on the weekends and that seltzer is like holy water. I can make myself impervious to the vicissitudes of life with a sip and a Saturday amble. 
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