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Gary Wimsett, Jr. - Issue #28

The Perils of Exercise

Gary Wimsett, Jr.

August 26 · Issue #28 · View online
The High Five goes out every Friday morning - just in time to jump start your weekend. I'm handpicking five things I think you'll enjoy discovering, listening to, or thinking about as you head out to do great things.

The Perils of Exercise

Lawn Inspection
I had a weighted vest. I’ve since put it in my buddy Caleb’s hands where it gets some use. This is me trying weighted push-ups. I nailed the descent and got a very good look at the grass. And that was it. ½ a rep. There was no going up. I still logged it in my workout journal. This ill-conceived workout hurt my ego more than anything but, since then, I’ve crashed my road bike a couple of times, pulled a few muscles, and dropped a weight plate on my toe. That last one sounds minor maybe but I assure you it was the worst. I had to get a number of hot needle punctures into my toenail on two separate occasions to relieve the excruciating pressure of accumulating blood. Eventually the nail fell off and it took a year to grow back and look normal.
Exercise can be bad for you. It’s not a popular view and you won’t find many stories about this in Men’s Health. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. The other morning I was taking a shower and I noticed MK on the other side of the glass. Looking in at me and crying. This is not the response I’m looking for when I’m naked and wet and vulnerable but, as it turns out, not everything is about me. She’d been out on her morning run and tripped and taken a nasty fall. She chipped a tooth and had major road rash on her face and one shoulder. Her hand was also causing her a lot of pain. She was still in a bit of shock as we checked her over and cataloged her various abrasions. She’s feeling better today and she got her tooth fixed but she’ll be walking around with some serious bumps and bruises for a while. So be careful out there, friends. No one ever got hurt on the couch.
Helicopter Parents - good insights here. I have not read the book but I might. As a parent, my default mode is hovering, shaping, guiding, protecting. I disguise it with nonchalance but not very well. I’m very motivated by the notion that I MUST PARENT PROPERLY. Maybe I could chill out.
App Store
One Big Thing - getting things done like a boss this week.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - surprisingly good movie starring Tina Fey as a brand new war reporter in Afghanistan. 
Oh My God
This New England Journal of Medicine Article - is gross. This is why I don’t eat sushi.
20-minute Recovery Video - if you insist on exercising, then give this a try.

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