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Gary Wimsett, Jr. - Issue #20

It Cannot Possibly Be Thursday Night!

Gary Wimsett, Jr.

June 10 · Issue #20 · View online
The High Five goes out every Friday morning - just in time to jump start your weekend. I'm handpicking five things I think you'll enjoy discovering, listening to, or thinking about as you head out to do great things.

It Cannot Possibly Be Thursday Night!

Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, PC: Greg Wimsett
And yet it is and I haven’t written a word of the H5 and my brain box is pretty empty and my head is pounding from too much … everything. The rain came down hard in Florida on Monday night and I found myself sweeping water out of my garage at midnight. Lightning struck all around me. In the too-bright, too-close flashes, I must have looked absurd in my sopping wet underwear holding my push broom. The new neighbors are terrified. There is, of course, another, more scandalous story involving me in my underwear climbing onto my roof and breaking into my own home recently so I’m establishing a weird reputation on my block.
I submit, for your amusement, the following bits and bobs:  
  • David Lynch on TM - Some people get weirded out by TM right out of the gate because they want to charge you a tidy sum to get a mantra. I’m one of those people. But, I also have a lot of respect for David Lynch and he’s doing a lot of meditation advocacy these days so I’m intrigued. If you don’t want to shell out the dough for the real deal you might just use hakuna matata. It means no worries.

  • The Internet’s Best Productivity Tool - I have some friends who use this and swear by it. I don’t have very many platforms to connect so it’s never been a huge attraction for me. But, clearly, I’ve been underestimating its potential. Do you use IFTTT? I’d love to hear about ways it makes your life easier. Maybe there’s a way for me to push articles I’m reading, things I’m listening to, etc. straight to the High Five during the week?

  • The Artist’s Reading List - Some interesting recommendations here. I’m listening to the Gilbert book, Big Magic, on Audible. But, I’m more interested in checking out the one about Disrupting Yourself. I’d love to hear any feedback on any of these titles if you’ve beaten me to them.

  • New Strokes Jams - If I had to pick a “Desert Island” band, it’d have to be The Strokes. I could crack coconuts and chill in my palm frond hammock while grooving hard to these new tracks. I’d travel to see The Strokes live so if you hear about them coming someplace within striking distance, let me know.

  • Becoming Wise - This is my favorite new podcast. It’s by Krista Tippett and you may recognize her from her other podcast called “On Being”. This one - Becoming Wise - is bite-sized and I can usually get through an episode on my way to or from work. Great, brief conversations with smart people about interesting things.
I’m hoping for a sunny weekend so I can try out Emma’s “Beach Babe Body Spray”. Had to chuckle (cry) checking the stats last week. I’ve been linking you to Schopenhauer, Shakespeare, and so many wonderfully brainy things but Emma’s Top 5 Summer Essentials list, which included WATER IN A BOX people, broke all my opened link records. I’ll be handing this thing over to her soon. Give the people what they want. A big thanks to all the contributors, again. You are an amazing group of people (with dubious tastes and peculiar predilections).


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