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The Monday Meeting - Issue #3

The Monday Meeting - Issue #3
By Gary Reid • Issue #3 • View online
Another May bank holiday here in the UK and the digital advertising industry is, as always fixating on the current flavours of the month, influencers, data and of course the tribal issue of digital vs traditional, nothing like some lazy stereotyping. Finally a look at how start-ups can avoid making senior hiring mistakes.

First party data, don't say I didn't warn you
Forget ‘data’ as a general term because the 3rd party data you’re getting from the big walled gardens, the data you’re not supposed to combine to get insights is going to be killed by those companies who can gather and use first party data.
Publicis Groupe acquires Epsilon in $3.95 billion deal | AdAge
Has Instagram peaked?
Whilst every one is talking about micro influencers behind the scenes macro influencers are planning a coup de grâce to wrestle back what they thought they owned in the first place, followers! There own apps where they can own the relationship and of course the data.
Influencers are flocking to a surprising new kind of social media
PwC telling us it's about brilliant basics
What do you think, 10 years behind the curve?
Opinion: Doubling down on digital basics | AdAge
Lazy stereotyping for a tribal world
I could recite the hundreds of times young digital DR execs have sat in meetings trying to get budget moved to brand (make the pie bigger) but no one, absolutely no one is incentivised to do so. The short term view starts at the quarterly earnings reports. As an industry the tribalism that suits a few is in fact just lazy stereotyping and this article is just perpetuating the myth of digital vs traditional marketing.
'Short-term targets create perverse incentives that hurt businesses'
I've seen this before...
Agencies where the management team is perpetually kept junior? Yes, we’ve all seen them and absolutely agree with this section
Founder-CEOs of average quality get comfortable having a crew of junior people. They don’t actually want anyone in the company cleverer or more experienced than them. Only the top quartile are humble (and self-aware) enough to risk senior hires.
How To Avoid A Train Wreck With Your Startup’s First C-Level Hire
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