Readalog by Neha

I collect words the way some people collect coins or butterfly specimens. And this is where I share some of them with you.

I collect words the way some people collect coins or butterfly specimens.
And this is where I share some of them with you.

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Readalog #21 | Love Thyself

In Three Words: Nostalgic. Witty. Lucid.


Readalog #20 | Of Landmarks & Milestones

I was, however, young enough to know what it felt like to hand my heart on a platter to someone who claimed to want it, and then have it returned to me, used and half-discarded, faded and dog-eared.


Readalog #19 | No Excuses

Better never means better for everyone... It always means worse, for some.


Readalog #18 | Of Signs.

You will have to pay for your choices much more than you realize.


Readalog #17 | Where Life Changes A Little

Human knowledge is never contained in one person. It grows from the relationships we create between each other and the world, and still it is never complete.


Readalog #16 | Take Me Somewhere Nice

How very close it is to illness. The loose, restless limbs. The feverish cheeks. The burning salt of the heart. The prickle of sweat. Love.


Readalog #15 | The No-Mind State

We had no ending,no said goodbye.For all my life, I'll wonder why.


Readalog #14 | The Eleventh Hour

The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing. Mira Jacob.People always say time stands still, and it really is that. You find the thing you love the most, and time will stop for you to love it.In Three Words: Unpretentious. Sharp. Gentle.Why Should You Read It: If dias…


Readalog #13 | Can there ever be too much?

People say that Orion is called Orion because Orion was a hunter and the constellation looks like a hunter with a club and a bow and arrow...But this is really silly because it is just stars, and you could join up the dots in any way you wanted, and you could…


Readalog #12 | The End is the Beginning is the End

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful. Yet why are certain smells so hard to identify? And what makes smell so difficult to talk about? One of the very things that seem to make smell so difficult to talk about—the fact that it is bound up with emotio…


Readalog #11 | 'Tis the Season

Headscarves. Perhaps the most controversial piece of clothing, ever to be outraged about. In this fascinating longread, the writers explore the complicated history of headscarves, locating it in the Headwrap Expo. Yes, you read that right. An expo for headwra…


Readalog #10 | Never Doubt Patterns

It's been more than a month since demonetisation, and I've managed to not get involved in any outrage, mostly by being silent. There have been times when I have been rattled to the core, but saying something has proven to be an utterly exhausting pursuit. Mos…


Readalog #9 | Bring Your Own Sunshine

The importance of reading cannot be stressed enough, and there are multiple reasons why one should read. One of them is to understand and appreciate the 'other'. In this small excerpt from Amanda Michalopoulou's opening speech for the International Literature…


Readalog #8 | When You Just Got To Have A Plan

In the age of constant connectivity and instant connections, people don't exactly 'disappear' from your life. While for the most part it's a good thing, it makes a particular nostalgia of losing friends to unknown realms over time non-existent. This article r…


Readalog Issue #7 | Of Elemental Forces Rocking Our World

If you are a fan of fanfic, you'd be familiar with portals - magical doorways that connect two distant locations separated by spacetime. Mohsin Hamid (of The Reluctant Fundamentalist fame) fuses this element in a realistic fiction piece, Of Windows and Doors,…


Readalog Issue #6 | Calm After The Storm

And monsters don't look anything like monsters. They look like you and me. In fact, they look more like me than anyone else.In three words: Inspired. Taut. Loopy.Beyond the book: The gorgeous cover (which made me buy the book) has been designed by mixed-media…


Readalog Issue #5 | Time is Flying (Never to Return)

In this delightful essay, Lizzie Feidelson recounts what she saw in strangers' apartments, from her experience as a part-time employee at a professional apartment cleaning service.If you, like me, aren't married yet, and get worried about the notions of roman…


Readalog Issue #4 | Of Festive Cheer

Call it our internal safety valve (I prefer 'denial'), but we always believe that mishaps don't happen with normal people like us. Tragedies only strike others, not us. Till they do. In 'After The Big One' - a five-part fictional series about an earthquake hi…


Readalog Issue #3 | Learning the Ropes

Most of us take an almost pride in not being able to function properly till we've had a shot or two of caffeine hit our bodies, regardless of which of the two camps - tea-lovers and coffee-addicts - we belong to. In this article, Annie Zaidi pens an ode to th…


Readalog Issue #2 | Thirteen on the Thirteenth (for Thirteen!)

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of the year, and everyday there's something or the other said about it by someone or the other.NewYorker's Sarah Larson has been using Amazon's Alexa for a while now, and you must read about her experience with it, in a…