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Readalog #21 | Love Thyself


Readalog by Neha

March 16 · Issue #21 · View online

I collect words the way some people collect coins or butterfly specimens.
And this is where I share some of them with you.

No love is greater than self-love.
Once upon a time, I read these words, and they were just words to me.
But over time, I have realized how true and magnificent these words are. They can lift you up, give you strength and make you conquer the world.
Especially when you find yourself drowning, with no respite in sight. Practising it can be challenging, but do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug and be kinder to yourself than you think your self deserves.
Also, happy reading!
If you enjoy reading this issue, and think some of your friends and acquaintances will do so too, please pass it on. Thank you! :)

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Book of the Week
Eligible. Curtis Sittenfield.
Eligible. Curtis Sittenfield.
In Three Words: Nostalgic. Witty. Lucid.
Why Should You Read It: If you’ve read/ loved/ hated/ never understood the hype/ wondered what you think about the classic Jane Austen novel that is Pride & Prejudice, you must read this book. I cannot go back to books I have read before. And having studied, not just read, P&P, I have always been unclear about my stance on the much-acclaimed novel. But this astounding retelling of the book gave me my second-chance with the story. It reminds the reader of the original book, evoking just the right amount of nostalgia; and provides with enough novelty to not make it a drab rewriting.
Buy the book here.
Word Wise
the fear of imperfection. the fear of never being good enough.
If you’ve ever experienced an inability to relax, as your mind is constantly being bombarded with thoughts of possible failure, you’d know what it is.
@thedelhiwalla. A city stalker. It has taken him a long time to arrive on Twitter, but he’s finally here. If you’re familiar with Delhi, follow him to rediscover the city through his eyes. And if you’re unfamiliar with it, follow him to see what makes the city a home, a paradise, a haven for people, despite its glaring undoing.
Saajna (Cover). The girl with the guitar does it again. Ritu Agarwal is a bundle of talent, and her signature fruity voice lends a magical vibe to this otherwise ordinary song. A gorgeous rendition.
With warmth and gratitude
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