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The Weekly Stack: What's New for Creators on Gamma?

The Weekly Stack: What's New for Creators on Gamma?
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Weekly News
Create Portal: What’s New?
We’ve recently released a big update to the Create portal. So, what’s new for creators on Gamma?
For starters, we believe in Web3 empowering a user-owned internet. That means all creators should have full control over their own art, contracts, while being supported by our infrastructure that allows artists and creators to easily deploy collections.
On our home page, we’ve made it clear how the process works and what tools Gamma provides you with.
To get started, head over to From there, we provide clear steps on how to upload your assets, design your contract, and release your collection.
We now offer three types of collections: Continuous, Public Mint, and Editions. To read more about each type of collection, click our Twitter thread linked below.
New for Creators ✨

Since the Create launchpad was launched in Februrary, creators like you have used it to deploy over 10% of all smart contracts on Stacks.

Today, we’re releasing our biggest update yet — with an all-new experience and tons of new features.

Buckle up!🧵
As always, NFT collections launched with Gamma are user-owned, meaning we have no control over your contracts and what you choose to do with them. If you have any questions, head over to Gamma Support for help. Good luck on your creator journey!
Photography on Gamma
Last week was Photography Week, where we spotlighted photographers in the Gamma community. Congrats to Of All Nations Media, the photographer behind “Call of the Wild” which auctioned off for 2500 STX, our biggest sale from last week!
Of All Nations Media
Waking up to see Call of the Wild has sold at auction for 2500 Stacks! A piece near and dear to me and I can’t wait to congratulate the collector and send them their print!

Photography on Stacks is here to stay 📸 #nftphotography
To explore more Photography collections on Gamma, browse the category below:
Photography – Marketplace | Gamma
Tip of the Week
Want to stay up-to-date on the latest project releases, but can’t keep up? Follow the Gamma Create Portal Bot on Twitter (and turn on notifications) to see when collections are released in real time. Create Bot (@CreatePortal) / Twitter
New to Gamma? Join our Discord community below:
Join the Discord Server!
Exciting Drops & Releases
Bear Market Buddies
Watch out for this exciting (free) mint coming to Gamma very soon. Follow them on Twitter to get notified of the drop.
bear market buddies
Artist Spotlight
We’re proud to spotlight some of the incredible artists publishing NFT collections on Gamma. This week, we’re featuring AnotherSigma — follow them on Twitter to check out their art, and stay on the lookout for a drop coming soon on Gamma. 👀
AnotherSigma will be collaborating with Mango for an upcoming collection on Gamma.
To learn more about AnotherSigma and Mango, read their bios below!
I’m AnotherSigma, Venezuelan living in Spain, I’m 26 years old and I’m a Digital Artist. My training as such was not related to art although since I was a child I have been in contact with it thanks to my father who was a collector in real life and I have always painted since I was a child. I started my art career in the month of September 2021 when I met NFTs and it was thanks to a friend IRL who told me to give it a try, almost a year later here I am living from my art, my 1/1 works are in more than 20 different collections and some of those collections have more than 2 pieces and one with more than 16 pieces. I honestly don’t know how many editions I have sold to date, but I am more than grateful to the people who trust me and my work. My proposal as an abstract artist is to take the viewer of my pieces out of reality and send them to experience the maximum of sensations they can imagine, using artistic references of masters such as Kandisnky and Atanasio Soldati I have managed to create my own style, which has been very well received by the most knowledgeable collectors.
I’m Brian, better known as Mango, a multidisciplinary artist who started in the streets selling photos of vases that he modeled with his mobile and is now selling pieces on different NFT platforms and moving around the world. Styles from neo-expressionism to a 3d neo-baroque going through the metaverse that you can find in my mind.
To get your collection featured on Gamma’s next newsletter, engage with us on Discord & Twitter! Until next time, have a fantastic week.
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