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The Weekly Stack: Welcome to Stacks 🎉

The Weekly Stack: Welcome to Stacks 🎉
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Getting started
The BNS frenzy
This time last week, we had no code written for the BNS marketplace — only a concept, along with the support from our amazing community.
Today, there are over 1300 live BNS listings and we’ve crossed 40k STX in trading volume. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our efforts to bring the best NFT marketplace to Stacks. If you haven’t seen the new BNS page on Gamma yet, check it out below. 👇
BNS Names - Marketplace | Gamma
For those who are just joining us (hello, Ethereans!) keep reading for a super thread on how you can get started with Bitcoin NFTs on Gamma.
Creating a Stacks wallet
Creating a Stacks wallet is simple. Download the web extension or desktop app for the Hiro wallet, or go mobile with Xverse.
Watch out video tutorials below for an in-depth tutorial on how to set up your first Stacks wallet.
Designing your Gamma NFT profile
On Gamma’s open marketplace, you can customize your profile pic, connect your BNS and socials, follow your friends, and stay up to date with all NFT activity on Stacks.
Explore more features by watching the tutorial or browsing through
Buying your BNS domain
By now, you might already know how this works. But if you’re new here, we’ve got a few tips for you. From the Gamma secondary marketplace, you can purchase BNS domains from existing owners. If you want to register a new BNS domain (that doesn’t currently exist), you can do so through For an extended walkthrough, watch the video below.
Keep in mind that you can only use one BNS per Stacks address. To purchase multiple domains, remember to create new accounts in whichever wallet you’re using.
Stay engaged
Tomorrow morning at 9 am EST, our co-founder Nick will be joining Hiro Wallet’s product lead Mark for a special Twitter spaces discussion on all things BNS and wallets. Set a reminder and we’ll see you there!
To listen in on our BNS marketplace launch spaces, open the recording below 👇
Tip of the Week
Stack sats
Did you know that you can stack more sats by stacking your STX? Put your excess STX to work by stacking for a yield paid out in Bitcoin. You’ll be helping secure the Stacks network while earning extra sats! Read more about it here:
Stacking: Earn 10% APY Paid in BTC
NFTs are hard to keep up with. For everything you need to know, check out a few of our resources below.
Join the Discord Server! (@trygamma) on Twitter
Video Tutorials Blog - Sigle
Bullish on Bitcoin NFTs 🚀
Finally, a big thank you to everyone for the love. From our first users to those who are just joining us from other blockchains, we appreciate every single one of you for your continuous support and enthusiasm for what we’re building.
Gamma is just about 1 years old now. We’re proud to be building on Bitcoin with some of the brightest minds in the space.
Be sure to engage with us on social, as we do periodic surprise giveaways like this one from last week:
Surprise! Degen Naming Service has been airdropped to anyone who dropped their .btc name on our tweet today.

This collection comes thanks to TheArtist of @TheGuestsNft. 👽🔥

Fewer than 50 remain for public mint at just 69 STX.

Get yours here:
…and don’t forget to read our weekly newsletter — we do giveaways here too.
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That’s it! Good luck 🫡
Bitcoin Monkeys Egg #498 | Bitcoin Monkeys Eggs | Gamma
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