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The Weekly Stack: Supporting New Artists & Collections

The Weekly Stack: Supporting New Artists & Collections
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Happy Tuesday! We hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week.
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Weekly News
Supporting New and Upcoming Artists
Here at Gamma, we recognize that the Stacks community has one of the most diverse and talented groups of NFT artists out there. As we work to improve our platform, we’re taking action to listen to your feedback and integrate solutions that will help improve discoverability for new artists and collections.
As our founder Jamil tweeted out a few days ago, we’ve already worked towards implementing a few changes to our site:
The incredible @ds1fm jumped on it quickly, and set up the following changes to our front page:
✅ A randomly rotating, fair “featured” section
✅ Showing categories of art, allowing you to find the genres you care about, quickly
✅ A link to now-minting collections on the Portal
On the home page, we’ve implemented a randomly rotating “featured” section so that smaller collections have a chance to be featured. Additionally, we’ve added a categorical section where you can browse by Collectibles, Fine Art, Photography, Music, and others to come.
We’ve also added direct access to currently minting collections via the Gamma Portal. If a collection is minting, you’ll see a green light indicating as such:
As for what we’re working on next…
Here’s what we’re working on next:
➡️ New ways of showcasing non-verified collections in a safe and verifiable way
➡️ Integrating mints into the main site, for easier discoverability of collections that have not minted out
➡️ More ways of showing up-and-coming collections
Thank you for your continuous feedback on making Gamma a better marketplace for our community. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any more suggestions!
Help Center
Did you know that we have a Gamma Help Center? If you have any questions as an artist, collector, or project creator, head over to Gamma Support to see if your question has already been answered.
Additionally, you may submit a request if you still need help, or alternatively email or DM us on Twitter @gammaiosupport.
If you’re a creator who has recently released an NFT project on Gamma and are wondering how you can get your collection verified, check out our documentation below outlining the steps for getting that blue check:
How does my project become verified on Gamma?
Releasing a Collection on Gamma
If you’re an artist exploring the space, you can get started in minutes with limited technical knowledge—and you’ll always retain complete ownership of your smart contract, even if you leave Gamma. Visit to learn more. | Find & Buy Bitcoin-Secured Stacks NFTs
Exciting Drops & Releases
City Cats Mint!
The City Cats mint is now live! Check out the collection here on Gamma, and learn more about City Cats at
City cat is an NFT based on Stacks blockchain. There are a total of 2,050 first-generation city cats, which are composed of unique skin, face, background, hair, and body. Each city cat reflects a strong personality and will be the most essential part of the City Cats ecosystem going forward. Don’t miss out on minting your lucky cat that will open up lots of opportunities!
The Built on Bitcoin podcast collection from JakeBlockchain.btc is now live on Gamma!
Thousand True is a collection based on Kevin Kelly’s fantastic “1,000 True Fans” article. A rethinking of what success can mean as an artist creating alongside their fans. Every holder of Thousand True is a believer in Stacks, Built on Bitcoin and the future of Web3. This is an experiment of what that can look like as a podcast moves natively into the crypto space and brings loyal listeners along the way.
Happy minting everyone, and thanks for tuning in!
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