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The Weekly Stack: Self-custody & Q4 Community Roundtable

The Weekly Stack: Self-custody & Q4 Community Roundtable
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Weekly News
Q4 Roundtable next Tuesday
Join our Q4 community roundtable event next Tuesday, November 22nd at 1:30pm PST. Register at the link below and join us for a community event to discuss everything new on Gamma.
Plus, join in on live sessions featuring Vandal Heart, Arno From Earth, and Hungry Artist to hear these from these incredible creators and ask questions.
Gamma Q4 Community Round Table
This week in crypto…
At Gamma, we recognize how delicate this weeks events in crypto revolving around FTX have been. To read more on this topic and how Gamma works as a non-custodial entity where you own all your assets, read the piece by Sarah Satoshi down below.
Moving forward from this week in crypto - Blog
Getting started with self-custody on Gamma
When you buy, sell, or trade NFTs on Gamma, you have full custody and control over your assets. As a result, in order to create a profile on Gamma, you need to create a self-custody wallet and connect it to Gamma. Currently, you can use Hiro or Xverse wallet to get started.
We’ve also created a few resources to help you get started 👇
Exciting Drops & Releases
Coming soon from Nonnish 👀
Tomorrow at 8pm UTC we will launch the Harvest Helpers collection.
Harvest Helpers will give a passive shroom yield of 10 shrooms per week and when stationed on a Kingdoms tile, will increase that tile's production by 10%. They will also have utility in PVP and active foraging🍄
Featured Photography collection - Poseidon’s Wrath
Check out talented Dutch photographer and Gamma creator Felix‘s new photography collection, minting now 👇
Top sale from last week
Check out our top sale from last week!
Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next time. ✨
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