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The Weekly Stack: ✨Peer-to-Peer✨
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Welcome to Gamma’s weekly newsletter! Here, you’ll find the latest news, alpha, and all the necessary resources on Bitcoin NFTs.
PS. Happy NFT Day!

Weekly News
At Gamma, we believe art is a powerful tool. And as builders in Web3, we try to push forward principles of decentralization and sovereignty—a true, equitable, peer-to-peer network and user-owned internet where everyone has a fair and just seat at the table.
So with this Peer-to-Peer Community Collection, we’re inviting artists to share their representation — past, present and future, here, there, and anywhere — of gender equity. The final collection will be selected and curated from submissions by a panel of Stacks artists, who will each also contribute a piece to the collection.
The completed collection will go live next month, where 100% of the collection’s mint proceeds will go to the International Women’s Day Charity.
Get your submission in by September 25th! To learn more, read our blog post below.
Peer-to-Peer: A Community Collection for Gender Equity
Building on BTC
Join us this Thursday, September 22nd in NYC for a celebration of building on Bitcoin with our favorite Stacks and Hiro friends!
We’ll have DJ Marc Wolf perform, arcade games, a claw machine, a Gamma-powered NFT gallery projection room, and lots of fun swag!
Your ticket will cover drinks and appetizers from 7pm onwards. Get your ticket below 👇
See NFT history on Gamma
At long last…check it out now.
Ok, ok, we heard you! You can now see mints, transfers, burns, and auctions history on an NFT's detail page. ✨
Tip of the Week
Trade NFTs from your phone
With the Xverse Stacks Wallet, it’s easier than ever to buy and sell Bitcoin NFTs on Gamma — all from your mobile phone.
Watch the tutorial below to get started!
How to Create an Xverse Stacks Wallet on Vimeo
How to Create an Xverse Stacks Wallet on Vimeo
Exciting Drops & Releases
Featured artist
This week we’re featuring South African female photographer and visual artist, Keletso. Learn the story behind her most recent NFT collection below 👇
I am a co-founder and a national chapter coordinator of the South African Youth biodiversity Network9SAYBN). SAYBN is a chapter under the Global Youth Biodiversity Network and our work is focused on Biodiversity Youth Capacity Building, Policy, and International Coordination.
The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) is an international network of youth organizations and individuals from every global region who have united together with a common goal: preventing the loss of biodiversity and preserving Earth’s natural resources.
The Funds raised through this collection will be used to fund my attendance and participation at the UN COP 15 in Montreal, Canada from the 5th-17th December 2022.
A few of our faves…
First, a congrats to madm.btc for auctioning her last auction piece this week at 500 STX. Check out her latest piece here:
Browse the Gamma auctions lately? Here are a few of our other favorite picks now live:

Little things #1
It's Okay to Not Be Okay
Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next week!
Oh, and Happy NFT Day to you all.
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