The Weekly Stack: Lightning Spotlight ⚡️



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The Weekly Stack: Lightning Spotlight ⚡️
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Weekly News
A match made in heaven…🌩️
BNS addresses have been on the rise. As of today (about a week since Gamma opened BNS listings), there are over 100k BNS domains owned by the community.
If you want to transfer a BNS domain, you can now do that directly within Gamma. Just click on the BNS and hit transfer!
While our amazing developers in the Stacks ecosystem continue to work towards integrating Bitcoin functionality, there’s an exciting new update…BNS addresses now support lightning URL integrations.⚡️
This means that when you use LNSwap (a submarine swapper for STX <> BTC), you can now send the STX converted to BTC directly to your BNS address, without having to import a lightning invoice.
Adding an LN URL to your BNS
Head over to and connect your wallet. Click on Account and head to Advanced to associate your LNURL. You can create an LNURL with any Bitcoin Lightning wallet that supports lightning addresses (such as
Test it out and let us know what you think BNS should do next 👀
New: Attributes explorer
We’ve added a new tab for NFT collections — Attributes. This allows you to sort a collection by its attributes, including showcasing each attribute’s filtered floor price.
Additionally, you can click on an attribute to see a marketplace view of all NFTs with that given trait.
Click on the example below to see it in action:
Tip of the Week
Check out our tweet thread for all the alpha on our pro tips for ✨BNS best practices✨👇
Sorry for leaking this alpha... we've got 8⃣ pro tips for .btc users and traders, a thread 🧵
Bitcoin NFTs
Bitcoin NFTs on Stacks may be secured by the Bitcoin network, but did you know that you can mint NFTs with wrapped Bitcoin via ALEX? Head over to the ALEX app to get some xBTC. From there, you can mint NFTs from collections that have enabled xBTC.
Artists with NFTs over 50 STX may enable xBTC payments on the Gamma create portal. Try it out now 👇
Gamma Create Portal
New Telegram channel
Join the new Gamma Telegram channel to stay updated with announcements, new features, giveaways, and more 👇
Artist Spotlight
This week, we’re featuring one of our amazing NFT artists from our global community — Star God. Star God is a digital illustrator from Indonesia who got into the Stacks NFT community thanks to a few friends. Star God has won a number of art competitions, including the Holaplex prize in the Indonesian Solana Art Project.
Check out some of their work, now auctioning live on Gamma 👇
Evolving art
Check out this unique collection by artist boozy.btc which recently minted out on Gamma. It’s the first ever evolving art experiment on Stacks, which means…well, you’ll just have to find out. Here’s a few words from the artist:
This 100-piece collection will consist of digital art NFTs that change and evolve over time. I am calling these changes to the artwork seasons. Each season will contain a new set of artwork — sometimes abstract art, sometimes traditional PFP artwork.
I intend to set up an archive or gallery so that the community can view all seasons of the artwork. I have additional plans that will make the collection a bit more interactive and will announce those plans at a later date.
Thanks for tuning in! Oh, and we just emailed the winner of last week’s newsletter competition. Please respond within 48 hours or you will forfeit your airdrop!
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