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The Weekly Stack: It's Spooky Szn 🎃👻

The Weekly Stack: It's Spooky Szn 🎃👻
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Welcome to Gamma’s weekly newsletter. We hope you have a fun spooky season this Halloween!
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Weekly News
Spooky creations 👻
Halloween is almost here, which means we’re officially ready for all the fun tricks and sweet treats our talented art community has to offer.
Respond to the tweet below if you’ve got a Halloween creation coming up and we might feature it on our socials!
Halloween is one week from today. Here's a call to action for all 1/1 artists — let's see your best spooky creations! 🎃👻🍬

Reply with a link to your auction or mint page and we'll feature our favorites in our newsletter and socials!
Here are some of our favorites so far 👀
Vote for a BNS image!
Over the past few weeks, BNS has exploded in popularity — with over 150k BNS names registered and over 300k STX volume on the secondary marketplace. As a result, we quickly shipped a design for the BNS marketplace. Now, we’re counting on you to help us out with a formal design decision.
We want to make sure the image design is thoughtful, easy to recreate across thousands of apps and wallets, and free for anyone to use and remix. This is why the winning design will be minted as an NFT, associated with one of a16z’s Can’t Be Evil Licenses or the CC0 license, and then burned, creating a public blockchain record of the design and its permissive license.
To vote for your favorite design and learn more, click the link below and sign in with your wallet.
Let's vote on an image design for BNS NFTs
Tip of the Week
Just shipped on Gamma 🛳️
🔎 Search is now active on profiles — search by name, ID, collection, or attributes.
🔗 Selecting a collection on profiles changes the URL, making your personal collections now sharable.
⚡️We’ve made many under-the-hood improvements to make profiles load much faster, especially profiles with 100s of NFTs (you know who you are!)
Start exploring the marketplace now:
Where people come together to create and collect what's next
Secondary sales are heating up 🔥 Check out the latest activity on Gamma by heading to your feed.
Community Features
Crash Punks
Something is coming…we’re not sure what it is, but it’s cryptic and mysterious. Keep an eye out for the Crash Punks Boxes NFT public release. If you’ve got a Crash Punk, you may be eligible for a mintpass right now. Check it out 👀
Yesterday, 2500 mysterious boxes appeared in the metaverse without any details on their origin or purpose.
The white boxes glitch the world’s physics engine; surrounded by falling snow and levitating in the air despite their immense mass.
Crash Punks Boxes - Marketplace | Gamma
Just discovering Crash Punks? Read up on the project in this blog post by community member jackbinswitch.btc 👇
Some thoughts on Crash Punks, one of the most impressive projects on Stacks
Megapont Space Agency Mint
Calling all Megapont owners: The latest Megapont collection goes live tomorrow! Send your Ape into space 👇🚀🧑‍🚀
Send Your Megapont Ape Into Space
Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next week! Oh, and Happy Halloween. 🎃👻
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