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The Weekly Stack: Hyperchains and more!
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Weekly News
Understanding Hyperchains
With all the exciting developments happening in the Stacks ecosystem, we encourage the Gamma community to stay up to date on what’s new!
Hyperchains are coming soon to Stacks, which will allow transactions to scale for faster, smoother sailing. Gamma will be working closely with Hiro to support the launch of Hyperchains. As we anticipate the mainnet release in 2023 and await the first NFT use case in the hyperchain testnet, read more about hyperchains in the blog post below along with all the ways the Gamma community will benefit in the proposed upgrade.
Hyperchains offer a solution for specific applications. For example, since microblocks in hyperchains offer finality, hyperchains can be useful for NFT marketplaces. Picture a marketplace where you want to enable bidding functionality for your users. With a hyperchain, those bids would be confirmed in near real time, so you can have auction-style bidding with new offers coming in and getting confirmed with finality in close to real time.
NFT marketplaces can also benefit from hyperchains in the minting process. Popular NFT mints can create a lot of transactions in a short period of time. This can drive up transaction fees for users as they compete with each other to get their transaction confirmed in a block. Leveraging a hyperchain in this instance would help keep those fees down and avoid clogging the mainnet with the influx of transactions.
An Update on Hyperchains: a Scaling Solution for Stacks
The Mintery Cohort 1
Gamma is proud to support the amazing artists and creators from the first cohort of The Mintery.
Check out the featured artists and their collections in the article below!
Mintery: Meet the Artists
To apply for cohort 2 of The Mintery, submit an application here (apply before July 31!):
The Mintery
Tip of the Week
Did you know that you can seamlessly swap STX for bitcoin (via the Lightning Network) or vice versa using LNSwap?
Gamma has integrated LNSwap for certain projects that want to allow minting with bitcoin (over Lightning). Check out LNSwap below!
Exciting Drops & Releases
Bitcoin Monkey Kids
The Bitcoin Monkey Kids are coming! 1500 eggs will be available to mint this upcoming weekend:
Allowlist Mint: July 22, 2022 7:30 AM (48 Hours)
Public Mint: July 24, 2022 7:30 AM
Click the link below for a sneak peak at what’s to come and keep up with all Bitcoin Monkeys updates on their Twitter & Discord.
MKTC Rarity | Bitcoin Monkeys NFT
ePioneers is now minting their first collection on Gamma! Check out this climate-focused Stacks Ventures startup and all the exciting & sustainable things they’re working on down below.
Origem - Selva
For ePioneers, it is fundamental to highlight the potential of technology, people and nature to coexist in harmony. Nature-based solutions could absorb 30% of all carbon emissions by 2030. Hence, the most biodiverse region in the world, the Americas, plays a vital role in keeping our planet cool and fresh.
Brazil is the home of the Amazon rainforest and is also the home for ePioneers. We bring environmental credits on-chain, leveraging the power of LIDAR satellite images and blockchain technologies to make Nature tradeable, traceable and fundable. We are democratizing access to Carbon-Removing NFTs from the most biodiverse countries in the world. By joining our community, you receive access to high-yield NFTs connected to Environmental Credits that are traceable and tradeable.
Artist of the Week
This week we’re spotlighting an artist who needs no introduction, nickole.btc. Nickole has released several collections on Gamma, including the newly released Iso-friends collections. View and purchase Nickole’s other NFT collections by heading to her Creator tab over on!
Iso-Friends - Marketplace | Gamma
Every week, Nickole releases a Bittoons auction on Gamma. Bid on the latest one here:
The fourth edition of Bittoons is now available on @trygamma !!

Reserve: 15STX
Time: 1week

Have you seen this new comedy movie yet?
To keep up with Nickole’s art and future releases, join her discord down below and follow her on Twitter!
Join the Nickole: Illustration and Design Discord Server!
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