The Weekly Stack: Happy Halloween! 🎃



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The Weekly Stack: Happy Halloween! 🎃
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Welcome to Gamma’s weekly newsletter! Happy Halloween, and happy Bitcoin Whitepaper Day!
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Weekly News
Sweet treats and spooky NFTs…
It’s Halloween! We’re stoked to see all the amazing Halloween themed art from our talented community of creators. Here’s a look at some of our hand-picked favorites 👀
Warning…some of these may be very spooky. 👻
Empowering Creators
At Gamma, we’re creating tools to empower NFT creators and artists.
Check out the Hiro blog post down below to hear from our co-founder Nick. He’ll walk you through our custom NFT smart contract that any artist can create their collection with in less than five minutes for less than $1.
Artists should be able to keep a larger share of the revenues from their collection, and they certainly shouldn’t have to give up control over their smart contract in the process.
A Look Inside Gamma’s Create Portal and How It Empowers NFT Creators
Farm chats 🧑‍🌾
Did you visit the pumpkin patch this Halloween? We sure did.
Watch Sarah Satoshi sit down with Gamma founders Jamil and Nick to talk building on Bitcoin (via Stacks), thoughts on creator royalties, the multi-chain future, and much more. 👇
Farm Chats: Harvesting insights on Bitcoin, creator royalties, and more on Vimeo
Farm Chats: Harvesting insights on Bitcoin, creator royalties, and more on Vimeo
Tip of the Week
Want to know which projects are currently trending? Head to the Gamma home page to see top projects from the last day, three days, week, two weeks, month, or of all time.
Exciting Drops & Releases
Monster Satoshibles Reveal
Have you heard? The Monster Satoshibles have been revealed…
Find out what yours looks like now or buy one off the secondary marketplace if you missed the mint 👇
Monster Satoshibles - Marketplace | Gamma
@satoshibles reveal for monster satoshibles on stacks was tonight! here are some of my mints ❤️
Trick or treat..?
We love giveaways. Here’s one you might want to know about 👀
This Is #1
There's another giveaway going on in our Discord server right now.

In celebration of an amazing collaboration between @ThePinkyvision and @NonnishKingdom we have not one but FOUR Nonnish NFTs to giveaway to 3 lucky winners.

Join the #1 Discord to enter
P.S. Are you carving pumpkins this Halloween? 🎃 Show us your best pumpkin art in the tweet below 👇
Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you next month. 😉
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