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The Weekly Stack: Gamma Guides

The Weekly Stack: Gamma Guides
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Weekly News
Twitter Spaces
Last week, we held our first Spaces where we discussed the future of Gamma as the #1 open NFT marketplace on Stacks. Listen to the recording below to hear from our founder Jamil, as well as some of the featured artists for our ‘Together, with Gamma’ collection!
Play recording: What’s Next for NFTs on Bitcoin
To purchase one of these NFTs or to learn more about this collection, head to our marketplace here.
We’ll be hosting more Spaces soon. Let us know what topics you’d like us to discuss and what else you want to see from Gamma! (prev
We’re honored and energized by the response to our new brand and the launch of our social platform.

We want to hear from you—what do you think of Gamma and how can we make sure artists and users remain front-and-center as we grow?
Welcoming New Team Members!
We’re excited to welcome Carole to the team as our Company Administrator & Support Manager! Show her some love on Twitter for us, we’re absolutely stoked to have her on the team.
Carole Levy
Great first day at @trygamma, very excited to join the @Stacks community! 🚀
Gamma Guides
Check out some of our new guides down below! We just published a post on how to purchase an NFT off of the Gamma marketplace. This is the perfect resource to send to friends who want to get started with NFTs on Stacks.
Let us know what other guides we should release!
How to purchase an NFT on Gamma – Blog
A Guide to the Gamma Create Portal – Blog
How to Obtain a BNS Domain – Blog
Exciting Drops & Releases
Lots of amazing new artists are releasing collections through our create portal! Check out the recently released collections here:
We’re always working towards uplifting new artists and learning about how we can best support them. Let us know if you have any feedback!
Featured Collection - Bitcoin Toadz
These Bitcoin Toadz are just 1 STX each! Mint one here.
Bitcoin Toadz is a derivative project of CrypToadz built on Stacks, with ownership settled on the Bitcoin blockchain. Join the CrypToadz ecosystem. Mint Bitcoin Toadz for just 1 STX and get free airdrop of Bitcoin Toadz 3D.
Every week, we’ll feature an NFT collection available for minting. To create an NFT collection, submit your NFTs to our Create portal here!
Until next time, happy minting everyone!
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