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The Weekly Stack: Engage Your Community with Discord Bots

The Weekly Stack: Engage Your Community with Discord Bots
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Weekly News
Gamma Discord Bot
Want to further engage your Discord community? We’ve got just the tool for you.
We’ve been hard at work focusing on creating fun, engaging, easy-to-use Discord bots for any creator to add to their Discord community. Our bots can be added and configured in minutes and have no ongoing costs or maintenance. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Forever.
free to all, forever.
free to all, forever.
With the Gamma Discord Bot, you can watch activity from any collection across multiple Discord channels, such as:
  • Purchase activity across all marketplaces
  • Listings and unlistings activity across all marketplaces
  • Live bids and live auctions activity on Gamma
  • Offers, offer messages, and collection offers on Gamma
  • DAO activity (for StackerDAO-based contracts)
  • Stacks blocks (block height, times, and a summary of NFT-related events)
Additionally, you can further engage your community with pre-built and customizable social elements including:
  • BNS support to look up .btc names for all addresses (e.g. stacks.btc)
  • Notifications link to users’ Gamma profiles where users can set custom NFT profile pictures, bios, social links, and more
  • Custom messages placed with offers will be displayed with notifications
  • Custom bot name (e.g. ‘Gamma Bot’ can be changed to ‘Your Collection Bot’)
Many more exciting features for creators and collectors are coming soon.
Click the link below to learn how you can get started with the Gamma Discord Bot!
Gamma Discord Bot
See Your Follower Counts
Follower counts have been enabled on Gamma profiles! Share your BNS profiles with your friends to keep up with their activity 😎
To obtain a BNS (.btc address), check out this article below on how to set one up.
How to Get a .BTC Domain (BNS) | Gamma Guides – Blog
Tip of the Week
Gamma Knowledge Base
Join the Discord Server!
Exciting Drops & Releases
Auctions for Good
Check out this CityPacks & Hungry Artists collaboration NFT, where 100% of proceeds will be given back to art programs for the youth. Learn more about CityPacks’ social impact here and click the link below to bid!
Hungry Artists x CityPacks 003
Artist Spotlight
Introducing David (also known as Glitched_David), who has released several derivative NFT collections such as Glitched Parrots & Glitched Iso-Friends using the Gamma Create Portal. David got started with NFTs in 2021 on Tezos, but soon expanded to other blockchains like Stacks.
Here I have found a very accepting community who will do anything for anyone. I have learnt different aspects of art that I never thought would take off. The DOS Style on Stacks has blown me over with how much support I’ve had.
Follow David on Gamma to see his derivative glitch work!
Gamma - glitched-david.btc
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