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The Weekly Stack: Building on BTC

The Weekly Stack: Building on BTC
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Weekly News
Come party with us!
Attending Mainnet in NYC? We’d love for you to join us at the Building on BTC party, featuring DJ Marc Wolf, arcade games, a claw machine, an NFT gallery projection room with Gamma, and lots of fun swag. Grab your ticket below!
Tailor your contracts…
On the Gamma Create Portal, we offer three different types of NFT smart contracts:
  • Continuous - best for auctions, 1/1s, art released over time…
  • Public Mint - best for large mints, PFPs…
  • Editions - best for POAPs, ticketing…
If you’re not sure which one is best suited for your NFT project, watch the videos down below for a deep-dive on each type of smart contract.
Gamma Creator Help Videos on Vimeo
For further support on launching your project, head over to the Gamma Creator Help Center.
Auction off your POW
Those who participated in the Gamma Proof of Work community airdrop collection are now eligible to auction off their POW NFTs! Just select your NFT below and hit ‘auction.’ 😎
Proof of Work Collection
See your NFT history
At long last, the feature you’ve all been waiting for is here — view your NFT’s entire history of mint, list, purchase, auction, and more. Check it out now by clicking on any of your NFTs over on Gamma.
Tip of the Week
A few quick stats…
1/ NFTs are the fuel behind @Stacks exponential user growth

To date:

400k+ NFTs minted
10M+ $STX in secondary volume
1,400+ active collections (69% from @trygamma's launchpad)

So what's next? A thread 🧵👇
A majority of active NFT collections on Stacks are made through Gamma’s Create Portal, which makes it easy for you to create and deploy a smart contract that you completely own.
Ready to get started? Explore our Create Portal contracts below 👇
Gamma Create Portal
Building on Bitcoin
Looking to explore building on Bitcoin via the Stacks ecosystem? Check out this resource made by Fungible Systems.
micro-stacks is widely considered to be the go-to JavaScript tooling for building modern, robust Stacks applications and libraries, used by the fine folks at GammaRyderStackerDAOsCityCoinsMechanismZestMagic, and more everyday.
micro-stacks –
Exciting Drops & Releases
Arno Carstens
Mark your calendars — Arno Carstens will be releasing his genesis NFT collection on Gamma during Crypto Fest in Cape Town on September 30th!
Arno has headlined every major music festival in South Africa and toured with the likes of The Rolling Stones, U2, Bryan Ferry, and The Police. 🔥
Arno Carstens
Join me on 30 Sept inside the NFT Gallery at #cryptofest where I’ll be showcasing an NFT collection on @Stacks premier marketplace @trygamma

Set up your @xverseApp wallet ahead of time

Join my journey on Discord

Megapont fans, behold…👀
Merch soon.

Celebrating one year of Megapont on @Stacks
Artist Spotlight
Meet Dyle, an early Stacks artist who creates one of a kind abstract graphic NFTs on Gamma. Read about his story below and check out a few of his currently live auctions!
The Route We Were On
The Route We Were On
Hi everyone, Dyle here. I joined the Stacks community in November last year (2021) following a recommendation from a friend from work. I’m an UK based, Polish born visual artist and programmer who entered the NFT world after many years of making live visuals and writing generative software for it.
When I become interested in crypto, I realized that the software I created for live visuals was ideal for making NFTs. Since then, I built a video workshop in my spare room, which had been my dream for many years.
The software I made is based on a glitch in a graphical programming language called PureData. Over the years, I’ve learned to control the error and use it in a creative way to produce abstract graphics, while writing more software to control glitches using sound frequencies. I will post some more documentation covering the process sometime in the near future.
Check out Dyle’s videos, blog (where he documents each NFT creation), and follow him on his other channels.
Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you next week.
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