The Weekly Stack: Bear Market Survival Guide



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The Weekly Stack: Bear Market Survival Guide
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Weekly News
Surviving the Bear Market
New to crypto? First bear market?
Not to worry, here are some tips from our Gamma crypto veterans on how to survive the bear market and take care of yourself. Note: none of this is financial advice, always do your own research!
  1. Don’t panic when prices drop! An initial knee-jerk reaction might be to sell everything immediately, in case prices go even lower. Crypto veterans, however, know that down turns are great opportunities to buy and HODL.
  2. Take care of your mental and physical health! Portfolio getting you down? Take a walk, eat a healthy snack, and take care of yourself so you don’t burn out! Try to keep your head up and remember to admire the artistry in the NFTs you already have.
  3. BUILD BUILD BUILD! The bear market is the best time to build! Whether you’re a shadowy super coder working on an incredible project, or an artist curating your best work to showcase, take this opportunity to make progress so you’re ready for the next bull run.
Ready to build something with Gamma? Keep reading to learn how you can launch a Bitcoin-secured NFT project in just minutes.
Launching an NFT Project
The Stacks NFT community of artists, creators, and collectors has grown an impressive amount this year. More and more, Gamma is helping curate and launch new artists on Stacks, as well as helping to bridge artists from other blockchain communities over to Bitcoin-secured NFTs.
If you’re an aspiring creator, we want to hear from you. The Gamma Create Portal is the easiest way to get started with creating and launching your first NFT project on Stacks. However, we’re always looking to support new artists as much as we can — let us know what questions you have and what sort of support you’d like to see!
To get started with Gamma, head over to the Gamma Create Portal:
Gamma Create Portal
New Features for Creators!
Every week, we’re continuing to add more functionality to make launching a Bitcoin-secured NFT project on Gamma, easier and faster than ever. To learn what’s new in the Gamma Create Portal, check out the thread down below:
Thought we were done adding new tooling for creators? Not a chance! 😉

We've got some really powerful new features for creators on Gamma — and these features have been expanded to support any developer building on Bitcoin using @Stacks.

We'll give you the quick version 👇
Tip of the Week
Gamma Support
Have you seen the new Gamma Support Portal? Now, it’s easier than ever to request new features, report bugs, and find the answers to all your burning questions.
Meet the Artists - Discord Stages
Join us for our second Meet the Artists Discord Stages event, featuring an incredible lineup of three artists with three vastly different styles…
Click the link below to join us this Thursday at 2pm PST!
Join the Discord Server!
Exciting Drops & Releases
Check out our live auctions!
There are over 40 currently live auctions on Gamma right now, including exclusive pieces from some of Gamma’s favorite artists. Browse new collections below:
Live Auctions on Gamma
Artist of the Week
We’re proud to feature an Indonesian artist named Aqmal, who has already sold his first two auctions on Gamma. Previously he has sold art on Tezos, Ethereum, and Solana. Aqmal is very excited to join the Stacks ecosystem to share some of his bold and eye-catching expressionistic style. He loves drawing skulls, monsters and even ice-cream.
To bid on his remaining live auction pieces, check out his page on Gamma below:
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