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The Weekly Stack: Back to School 🎒

The Weekly Stack: Back to School 🎒
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Weekly News
Back to School
It’s back to school season, and CityPacks is helping Miami-Dade County students secure school supplies. For the month of September, all CityPack proceeds will go towards helping children stock up for a successful school year.
By minting a CityPack, you also get access to community airdrops and other fun giveaways.🌟 Head to to learn more!
CityPacks - Back To School NFT Supply Drive
A Deep Dive into Gamma’s Create Portal…
Our creator launchpad makes it possible for artists and non-technical creators to deploy a custom NFT smart contract in less than five minutes for less than $1.
Gamma’s cofounder and COO Nick recently wrote a deep-dive on the Gamma Create Portal and how our smart contracts are written so that creators are empowered and in control.
To create a Bitcoin-secured NFT collection with Gamma, all you need is creative juice and less than $1 to get started. Not technical? We’ve got you covered with a simple process to upload, create, and deploy your collection, all while you remain the ultimate owner of your smart contracts.
Dive into Nick’s Gamma story and a closer look at the code below:
A Look Inside Gamma’s Create Portal and How It Empowers NFT Creators
Proof of Work Community Collection LIVE!
Thank you to everyone who submitted to the PoW Community Airdrop! We’re proud to see so much Proof of Work being done in the Stacks community. Reply in the thread below with your NFT and the back story of why you chose that image to be memorialized on the blockchain. 💫
Our Proof of Work collection is now live! Check your profile for your airdropped NFT 🪂

Tell us more! Reply with your NFT and give us the back story of why you chose this image to be memorialized on the blockchain, secured by #Bitcoin Proof of Work.
Tip of the Week
Gamma Games are back!
Gamma Discord games are back — participate by joining our Discord channel and answering trivia questions when they pop up. Climb up the leaderboard to win a special prize (the next one is a Crashpunk NFT). 👀
Join the Discord Server!
New on Gamma: Video Guides
First time creating a collection? Here’s a helping hand (and an Aussie accent to pair)…
Gamma Creator Help Videos on Vimeo
Exciting Drops & Releases
Community Giveaway
We love giveaways. This one isn’t ours, but we’re pretty excited about it anyway. Stay tuned for more details on how to win this incredible piece by following Nonnish & Bitcoin Badgers.
Nonnish x @bitcoinbadgers

Surprise! One lucky minter will receive this Badger Kingdom tile!

This exceptional tile takes a special point of view from traditional Kingdom pieces, containing a giant mushroom, a very jealous flower, and a stubborn yet noble guardian of the woods.
Creator of the Week…
This gorgeous three-tier NFT auction ‘Higher Self’ recently caught our eye, so we wanted to share a bit more about its creator, Jason Matias.
Jason Matias
Higher Self, 3-tier auction live on @trygamma $stx 🧵 👇
It’s a 4s infinite loop. beautiful, subtle, a forever-piece.

The Higher Self Auction has three tiers that can be unlocked based on the final price of the artwork.

Tier 1 - Auction reserve: 1,000 STX

Tier 2 - 🧵 👇
Jason’s work has been internationally published with collectors in six countries. With well over a decade of experience traversing the planet creating stunning art through the focal lens, Jason Matias has established himself as one of Seattle’s favorite artists.
After discovering the technical wonders of blockchain, he entered the Stacks NFT scene, sharing two already iconic collections: The Bali Light Collection and the Higher Self auction. His style creates a surreal connection between imagination and nature, allowing viewers to establish an immediate connection with each piece.
His unique Higher Self auction (featured above) has three unlockable tiers:
Tier 1 - Auction reserve: 1,000 STX
Tier 2 - 10,000 STX: The NFT + a 24"x36” limited edition, fine art print produced on hahnemuhle photo rag satin. value - $2,600 edition #1.
Tier 3 - 30,000 STX: The NFT + 36”x54” or 48”x72” full production, limited edition, fine art print. The art will be produced on lumachrome paper and mounted to TruView acrylic, and ready to hang. value: +/- $10,000. The size awarded is at the winner’s discretion. An example of a 48”x72” finished work can be seen in my pinned tweet.
Take a look behind the lens for this collection. Happy bidding, Stacks community!
Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you next week.
when they say “with NFTs you own your own art” but you’re using a shared contract you don’t own secured by a blockchain that isn’t decentralized ✨
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