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Hello and goodbye, birthing and launching.

Hello...and Goodbye, Hello 2018...goodbye 2017. Hello professional email service...goodbye Revue. If

Gaby Smith Noye

January 12 · Issue #10 · View online
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Hello…and Goodbye,
Hello 2018…goodbye 2017.
Hello professional email service…goodbye Revue.
If you stayed with me this long…THANK YOU! I know I’ve shared diverse content and always aiming to keep the topic on women’s personal growth.
But, here’s your chance to say goodbye to me (if you want to). I have enjoyed using Revue to stay in touch, but I am outgrowing it, so I’m switching to Mail Chimp, another email service provider. 
I still plan to stay in touch ONCE A MONTH*. The content I share will be focused on Discovery and Reclaiming Who and What you are, and also how to step into being Seen, Felt, and Heard more authentically. 
*When I launch a new book or program, you might hear from me twice a month. 
I would LOVE to keep you all along for the wonderful ride I’m taking this year. But, it’s up to you, of course. I will be transferring your email address to my other system next month.
So, if you wish to stick around for 2018 as I dive into the topics above, do nothing and you’ll keep getting my monthly emails. If not, I wish you well on your path and I hope we get to see each other in other spaces. <3  

My first REAL launch: WomanSpeak Circle
Seriously, I’ve never given anything this much thought, time, and attention–which is my sign that I’m onto something!
WomanSpeak is a transformational public speaking program just for women and it focuses on your feminine strengths as a leader (because by now, most of us are well acquainted with masculine strengths). 
A wise, public speaker once said, “everyone practices public speaking”. Truth. You don’t need to be someone who plans to speak on a stage to get value from the freedom of expressing yourself. 
“Public speaking” isn’t just for business owners, writers, and speakers–this is major LIFE STUFF for us women. Finding our voice. Speaking out. Being seen, felt, and heard. ALLOWING our self to be celebrated. Becoming skillful communicators. Working with the WISDOM of our bodies. It’s HUGE and it translates to every single area of our lives.
As a new WomanSpeak circle leader, I am so excited for the chance to see women own their truth, celebrate who they are, and blossom. You can learn more about the culture and practices of WomanSpeak at one of my Intro Classes. 
There are TWO Intro Classes scheduled (the link only shows the one). 

  • Wednesday, January, 24th at 11am at a private residence in North Hills (Pittsburgh).
  • Monday, February 12th, 7pm at Levana Bratique in Wexford, PA
Space is limited. Pre-registration is required through the link provided. The fee is $10.
Ask yourself what would be possible for you if you could own more of YOU, your message, and your life? Drop me a line if you wish at

Gabrielle Smith Noye | WomanSpeak
"Know where your power comes from and make wild offers!"
Those are just a couple of the manifesto statements for conscious living in 2018. I do choose a word, but one word is never enough for me. ;-) It’s “communion”. I chose that word because it puts me in touch with where my power comes from–which is Spirit. I don’t go to church, but I can commune in nature well and in quiet moments with myself and others.
You can read more about this manifesto in the link below.
Manifesto for Conscious Living 2018 – The Sovereign Creative Blog
With Aloha (which is to say hello, goodbye, and much love all in one),
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