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Futuristic - Issue #4

If we always helped one another, no one would need luck. Sophocles Hope you had a great Halloween and


October 31 · Issue #4 · View online
Fascinating features on future - Curating the latest thought provoking articles from the web on all things shaping our future

If we always helped one another, no one would need luck. Sophocles
Hope you had a great Halloween and/or Diwali over the weekend.
Self-driving cars are still years away. Urban farming taking roots in superstores. Future of Gaming using AR/VR. AI in healthcare. Fun video on Pentagon’s vision on future cities. Photo essay on the massive amount of e-waste we generate. Blockchain in fashion. A new cryptocurrency and the first space nation. And the climate change shaking the earth.
Savor some excellent reads for your pleasure.
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ESSAY: Self Driving Cars Are Not “Five Years Away.”
FUTURE OF GAMING: Has a Black Mirror episode predicted the future of video games?
Elon Musk Reddit AMA reveals how humans will get to Mars | WIRED UK
INSIGHTFUL: The Anthropocene Effect
PHOTO: This Is the Most Detailed Hydrogen Map of the Milky Way Ever Created 
VIDEO: Bizarre leaked Pentagon video is a science fiction story about the future of cities | Ars Technica
As Artificial Intelligence Evolves, So Does Its Criminal Potential - The New York Times
A.I. INSPIRATION: The Science Fiction That Frames Discussion - The New York Times
BOTS: Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are Revolutionizing Healthcare | Digital Trends
URBAN FARMING: Will Target's In-Store Farms Be Sustainable?
FUTURE of CURRENCY: Zcash: Why People Are Hyping the Bitcoin-Derived Cryptocurrency
FASHION: Is Blockchain Technology Set to Revolutionize the Fashion Industry?
PHOTO ESSAY: The e-waste mountains - in pictures
SPACE NATION: Will you become a citizen of Asgardia, the first nation state in space?
GLOBAL WARMING: How climate change triggers earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes
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62 Years of Global Warming in One Terrifying GIF (Source: Gizmodo)
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