futuribile / curating futures

By Marta Arniani

A monthly newsletter at the intersection of technology innovation and social justice. Insights and news about technology impacts on society and how society can strike back.

A monthly newsletter at the intersection of technology innovation and social justice. Insights and news about technology impacts on society and how society can strike back.

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futuribile / curating futures - Issue #44 - The ID.me backlash: facial recognition and citizens' options in the digital state

The metaverse developed by Meta has already been robbed of its age of innocence, if it ever had one. The virtual environment Horizon Worlds, accessible with Oculus VR headset, is already under accuse since its release in December on the US and Canada markets.…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #43 The metaverse and the Marbella: towards possible, emerging worlds

/// The Digital Violence interactive platform by Forensic Architecture let you explore the net of NSO’s Pegasus malware, which has been used in at least 45 countries worldwide to infect the phones of activists, journalists and human rights defenders. /// 'The…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #42 - Crisis disciplines

Neuro-rights. This month Chile started redrafting the Constitution to replace the one from Pinochet's regime. Not only within a year the country could see the official acknowledgment of its indigenous population. Hopes are high for a good dose of regulatory i…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #41 - From collective to cooperative intelligence?

Cooperative organising. Financial speculation is always in the way when looking at possible uses of blockchain. Here you find an excellent compendium on cooperatives and examples of how to match technology and decentralised organisation of work, and maybe bui…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #40 What is the vision?

Explicit ban. A group of 40 members of the European Parliament asked the European Commission for a clear ban on biometric mass surveillance in public spaces, and on the automated recognition of people’s sensitive characteristics, such as gender, sexuality, ra…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #39 - NFTs problem with interoperability

Gen Z meets the traditional newsroom. "Yes, we still exist", says with a good dose of self-mockery the TikTok profile of Yahoo News. The news channel dared popular TikTok's formats to cover topics like politics, climate change, social justice, student loan de…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #38 - Fifty shades of digital sovereignty

Wolks electric wagen. While Western societies dream of electric vehicles that look like... the electric version of classic cars, in China there is a massive widespread of tiny EV, nicknamed "elderly transport vehicles": affordable, chargeable on normal plugs,…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #37 Future urban smartness

The problem with prediction. A must-read essay on the dangers of seeing the human mind as a predictive machine and how predictive control made its way everywhere, from corporations to cognitive sciences.Too emotional. The new trend in mass surveillance is emo…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #36 - Innovating on the shoulders of giants, fossils and peasants

Deep time thinking. The anthropologist Vincent Ialendi studies the worldviews of nuclear waste experts in Finland, who reckon with radioactive isotopes over extremely long-term planetary timeframes. Their challenge is to factor into nuclear waste management f…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #35 - Goodbye planning, welcome place-making

The new EU Data Governance Act. Last week, the EU released the first part of its regulatory masterplan on data, which on one side aims not to lose the train on industrial data, and on the other to create a safe environment to share personal data in the public…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #34 - Blockchain chicken farms and other automated wonders

Automating Society report 2020. Journalists and experts from across Europe contributed to the new Algorithm Watch annual bible about automated decision making systems deployment in 16 countries. In one year, their usage increased exponentially. While ADMS alr…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #33 - All problems can be illuminated

Smart glasses and the urge of ambient privacy . Don't call them wearables, they are "research devices". Why Facebook wearables project it's a threat to privacy in public spaces.The downsides of the zero-effort economy. Unlocking the smartphone with your face …


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #32 - New look, new work published

Home office or distributed headquarters? Big Tech has two opposite strategies on work decentralisation, organising massive remote work and distributing branches. Maybe the death bell for corporate real estate was rung too soon: the cost of talent acquisition …


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #31 Blockchains for Social Good Prize

☝️☝️☝️Fantastic thread, another take from a UK perspective on what I was saying about "tech for good" in the intro.


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #30 Police do not prevent crime

Like other videogames, Technodelics are immersive, closed feedback loops that are centered around the player’s intrinsic enjoyment of play. But where they differ from other videogames is in the purpose of their core mechanics. Rather than engaging the mind wi…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #29 Flocking our way out

It is a great temptation to picture the digital divide as somebody walking hours to load Internet Explorer on Window 95 in a remote hut. Unfortunately, the digital divide takes also the shape of your aunt forwarding pseudo-science on Whatsapp. Last year I wor…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #28 The EU digital strategy package: a recap

Today was the day. The European Commission presented its digital policy package. Below a recap, with some personal observations.The first meta-component is an overarching strategy for the digital society, which has three objectives: tech should work for peopl…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #27 - A European approach to AI

He invented a tool that could end your ability to walk down the street anonymously, and provided it to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, ranging from local cops in Florida to the F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security.Under the harmless title "The…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #26 - Closing the 2010s

(Random order, with no pretensions of exhaustiveness) #1 Big corps making themselves the default option in further fields. Amazon Braket provides a single environment to design, test, and run quantum algorithms without having to setup and manage infrastructur…


futuribile / curating futures - Issue #25: Who If Not We Should at Least Try to Imagine the Future of All This?

What if if an AI acting as “environmental manager” were to transform the planet regardless of human interest?"A central argument made by those encouraging the uptake of AI, is that data driven systems can depoliticize or neutralize decision making. Extended t…