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futuribile / curating futures - Issue #2

Aloha, Welcome to the second issue of futuribile / curating futures, your favourite newsletter coveri
March 22 · Issue #2 · View online
futuribile / curating futures
Welcome to the second issue of futuribile / curating futures, your favourite newsletter covering tech and innovation with an eye on their societal implications.
Recently, I have been thinking about whether diversity can be a competitive asset for Europe in the AI race. Examples of how algorithms and AI are discriminatory and biased are countless: in the end, Artificial Intelligence replicates its programmers’ thinking. But the reproduction of prejudice and extremism in the digital sphere is not just a moral problem: biased technology generates missed opportunities, with a real social and economic impact. Read the full article here.
Ciao Milano: next Tuesday I will be in my hometown to talk about diversity in tech and the NGI Awards at this event.
An open question about the whole Cambridge Analytica affair: when can we call a deliberate attempt to overturn democratic vote a “technology golpe”?

Blockchain ta mère
Big brands jumping on the bandwagon: a) le poulet d'Auvergne from Carrefour is now blockchain certified; b) BMW has launched a partnership with the startup Circulor to track ‘clean’ (read: not coming from the Republic of Congo) cobalt
Berkeley is setting up an “Initial Community Offering" to turn municipal bonds into crypto-assets. Private providers are jumping on the idea of tokenising public bonds ( also here and here).
Confusion in Sierra Leone. Last week the Country made it into the news for being the first to vote on the blockchain. Actually, blockchain was used in the verification process. Wait, now the government denies any blockchain implication.
Christine Lagarde declared war on cryptocurrencies on their same ground: she wants to use blockchain to fight money laundering. In the meanwhile, the G20 calls for extra time: they need to study more before regulating.
Reading list
A nation of superhumans in the making: Dubai plans to decode the DNA of its inhabitants and keep them as healthier as possible.
Verify, then trust. Our cognitive abilities in the wake of overseas information.
Thou shall not: a compendium of ethics in tech resources.
“This is your very own Sheldon County. It is yours and yours alone. It is a universe that is accessible only to you. No one has beheld it before and no one will behold it again.” Welcome to Sheldon County: your personal endless AI-driven podcast.
Ever dreamt of a 24-hours nation-wide digital detox? Bali just did it.
The ‘Westworld’ SXSW Park was an incredible mindf*ck of a social experiment.
Moving the Internet infrastructure from under the sea to space.
YouTube may be one of the most powerful radicalizing instruments of the 21st century.
If this then I. Be your own robot.
A question that is likely to become obsolete after parties: “who drives?”
A shot of hope in humanity: browsing Data journalism awards inspiring submissions.
IBM Research’s annual “5 in 5” technology predictions: among them, cryptographic anchors embedded in everyday objects and devices.
That’s all, thanks for reading.
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