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Futuribile / Curating futures. Issue #1

Hi! Welcome. You are reading the first ever issue of the futuribile / curating futures newsletter. It
March 8 · Issue #1 · View online
futuribile / curating futures
Hi! Welcome. You are reading the first ever issue of the futuribile / curating futures newsletter. It covers technology and innovation through the lens of their implications for society.
It is part of a humble and personal endeavour to show the limits of technocentrism, building instead a culture of innovation focused on impact and meaningfulness. It contains original content as well as links pointing to interesting reads.
Hope you will enjoy it. If so, I would be eternally grateful if you could invite somebody else to subscribe.
Marta Arniani

Next Generation Internet
Postcards from Barcelona
Last week I was in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and 4YFN with the NGIMove team (I mean, the revenants: those who survived blizzards, flu and grizzly bears). Here are my observations about how to engage meaningfully with startups in the context of European initiatives. And here a recap and some pictures of the event.
The NGI Awards have been launched!
Three categories to promote European excellence in the interconnectedness age: startups, education and research, culture. The awards have been made public at 4YFN and submissions will open in April.  In the meanwhile, you can check the website and get in touch with any questions you may have. Some categories are still in need of a sponsor: in-kind contributions (mentorship capacity, equipment, fellowships…) are welcome.
It goes well beyond March 8
Excellence and research are increasingly perceived as elitist. The progress of knowledge has generated new categories of domination, kept far from the understanding and everyday problems of people who do not work in highly-specialised fields and do not know their jargon. To contrast populism, I propose to develop a  feminist approach to communicating research, innovation and knowledge.
Europe on a mission
Europe has a plan for prosperity and it’s called “more R&D”. A solid 500 pages by DG Research. The essay that generated more impact is the one by prof. Mariana Mazzucato about “Mission-oriented research and innovation”.  It states that Europe needs ambitious and inspiring plans to unify smaller and actionable projects.  
Blockchain ta mère
OutUbering Uber.

LGBT tokens. Am I the only one who sees a parallel with the pink triangles used in Nazi concentration camps?
Might blockchain just be the most over-hyped technology of all time?
Reading list
All things optimal: entreprecariat and other capitalist diseases.
Decentralised apps and services: a compilation.
Souvenirs from the future: not-so-distant-from-reality cultural and tech hypothesis.
Uber founder Travis Kalanick just launched a new investment fund with the aim of “large-scale job creation”. Comments on Twitter are golden.
Harry Halpin on open standards and how a genuinely new social – and today, digital – realm can arise without domination and exploitation.
Big data perspectives about the elections in Italy. Here and here.
The Rise of Internet & Society Centers—and a new interdiscipline.
The Kim Kardashian of molecules (one scroll of happiness, one scroll of sad).
The Netflix of genes (in Spanish).
...BTW, what is this "futuribile" concept?
/fu•tu•rì•bi•le/ (Italian)
1. Adjective.
That can happen in the future. Possible or achievable on the basis of scientific observation or sociological, economic and political investigation.
2. Noun.
In philosophy, hypothetical situation, relying on a condition that can possibly come true.
Less buzz around innovation and genius, more context engineering and meaningfulness.
Thanks for reading!
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