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Funky Fly Paper Issue #3

Hi Funky Fly Friends, welcome to our Third Issue of the FLY PAPER! Here we are going to share some updates about the NFT project, IRL branding and other activities.
“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” — J. M. Barrie, ‘Peter Pan.’ ― Toni Morrison

Our BRAND NEW Coloring Book to hit online stores soon!
Our BRAND NEW Coloring Book to hit online stores soon!
  • $500 Flingo Game Night coming later this month. MEGA SPACE $1K GAME + NFT Giveaway planned for SAT, OCT 8th @ 8 PM EST. To enter these NFT giveaways you must mint a MUTANT FLY and/or FLINGO BOARD. More info to come as we get closer.
  • Brand NEW Funky Flies Coloring Book about to drop! More info soon!
  • We are adding new merchandise to the online store each and every day. Check back as often as you can.
  • We have started an SEO Marketing Campaign + Google Adwords Campaign for the website and online shop to bring more IRL traffic to our store. The more we sell, the more of a % we can give back to the project!
  • We are going to be handing out FREE FFLY MERCH at the New York Comic Con - October 6-9, 2022 - videos to come!
  • Mutant 1 of 1’s = WIN ETH!! - Any of the lucky minters that are lucky enough to mint a MUTANT FLY ONE of ONES will win .5 ETH! Each one will win ETH! Good luck!!
  • North Carolina FFLY Swarm - We are planning a FFLY Swarm Meet-N-Greet in the great state of North Carolina in 2023. We are looking to rent a space, not a Yacht, to have live music and catering. So we can all meet and have a great time!! IRL is what it’s all about! Anyone with suggestions, please contact us. We would like to get an idea of how many will attend. So we can agree on a date and time and place!
  • Trait Channel Incentives - We will be creating TRAIT BASED CHANNELS in our Discord. Users can connect their wallets, verify and get rewards and discounts. More info coming soon!
  • Community Products - If you want to create a product and sell in our official merchandise store, please contact us!
  • Commercial Use - File Download Tool - We are going to be launching a tool that will make it simple for you, the FFLY OWNERS, to download your assets, your FFLY, without the background. Making it easy to upload to our merch store and buy a t-shirt, or you can use this file on anything you want! We want to see our community get creative and create some products!! Simply connect your wallet, to verify what FFLYS you own, and download! That simple! Portal coming soon! MORE INFO
  • Funky Flies Brand Amazon Store - Now that we have done all the leg work to make FUNKY FLIES LLC and get the name and logo trademarked, we are now going to be launching a FFLY AMAZON store. Custom products, community products and more. A percentage of this profit will be put back into the NFT project, and the community can decided how it gets used! More info coming soon!
  • RAISING THE OG FLY FLOOR - This is a topic of conversation that comes up weekly and all we can say is IT TAKES THE COMMUNITY to raise the floor. De-list or List a .1 ETH or higher — it’s really that simple!!
  • Brand Partnerships - We are currently working on some brand partnerships that range from Shoes to Skis to Beer and more! We will release more info as it becomes available!! 
  • Discord Updates - We now have a community member that is taking over as our Discord DEV and he has been releasing updates on a weekly basis. This will continue to make our Discord a place to come, chill, make friend, talk funky flies and earn rewards!! Staking, Trait Channels, Games, Reward Redemption, NFT Sales Tracking – just to name a few! JOIN OUR DISCORD
Our new Staking Platform and FFLY Reward Coin is here (Discord that is)!
New FFLY Coin will be worth $.001 per coin. The amount was chosen based on OG trait staking and the availability to receive coins for mutants as well. Keep in mind, the value of the old FFLY ERC20 Token plays no roles in this because that tokens value was based on volume and ETH’s value at that time. So we wanted to make this a simple redemption.
This new platform gives you more opportunities to claim more FFLY Coins. These coins will be able to be redeemed for merchandise from the FF store, NFT’s from the community wallet and eventually ETH. 
Redemption Examples:
  1. Merchandise Redemptions - A single T-Shirt in our merchandise store costs $35 USD you will need to redeem 35,000 FFLY coins for that item.
  2. NFT Redemptions - To redeem for an NFT from the Community Wallet - Example value of an NFT is $50 USD, you will need 50,000 FFLY Coins for that NFT. We will transfer to your wallet to avoid gas fees on your end. Auctions might be a possibility as well.
  3. Future ETH Redemptions - Once we get more FLINGO BOARDS and the public MUTANTS minted out, this will become your third option for redemption. If you want to redeem 100,000 FFLY Coins for ETH, which gives that amount of FFLY Coins the value of $100.00 USD, we will redeem for 50% which is $50 in ETH. This % was selected to make this a sustainable redemption option. We have updated you all about the finances pertaining to giveaways.
If we add your slogan to this t-shirt design, you make 5% of sales!!
If we add your slogan to this t-shirt design, you make 5% of sales!!
Each month we will put out a new t-shirt design concept, and ask the community to come up with a slogan. We also might have the community create a slogan, and then we can design the t-shirt around that? Either way we want you involved!! Submit as many slogans as you want! The winner will win a free tee and will get 5% of all sales of that tee from the Official FFLY Merchandise stores! The design is above. Let the ideas flow!
This contest is open until SEPT 23, 2022 @ 11 PM EST!!
The slogan selected will be added below the design. See tee icon in lower left of the graphic below. We will design the slogan so it fits with this particular artwork! The slogan can be a secret message, can be a community joke, or something cool that describes the art or FFLY project in general. Be creative with it! The art for contest #1 is the “MAD SCIENTIST” we created!! MORE INFO
Limited Edition Skateboard
Limited Edition Skateboard
ONLY 25 FUNKY FLY + IF SKATE CO Skateboard decks left!
We have created a collaboration skateboard with If Skate Co.
Mystery color way will be sent when ordered! Only 7 GOLDEN DECKS exist, and if you are the person that gets one, you get a free (1 of 20) 3D NFTY SKATEBOARD NFTs of the OG Uganda Skateboard Society board! 
Mutant Fly #2995 (Owner: 74b5DeB0)
Mutant Fly #2995 (Owner: 74b5DeB0)
The Mutant mint has been slow and steady. We still have the custom SONG GIVEAWAY from JEDI RYDAR as soon as the PUBLIC MINT is complete! Let’s get this done FFLY COMMUNITY!!
2 ONE of ONE’s LEFT!!!
For the Community, By The Community
For the Community, By The Community
We created a new WEB 3 Game from an old school classic. It brings NFT projects together and gives back to the NFT community. All of the ETH earned from the mint, go back to the community as prizes. Once we mint all 1,000 boards, only then, will the initial investment & expenses be paid back to the FFLY Team. We will hold weekly GAMES NIGHTS + Flash Flingo 1-2 times a week! We will also be partnering with NFT Projects and make them winning multipliers. Join our space to learn more!
If your project wants to be part of one of our FLINGO spaces and become a PROJECT MULTIPLIER contact us to join the fun. A Project AMA + Flingo Game Night! MORE FLINGO INFO
We had a community member come to us with an idea in regards to Flingo and the community wallet. Thinking about preserving funds so we can keep the party going. Obviously the more boards minted keeps the community wallet healthy. We are looking at other avenues as well to give back to the community wallet through IRL ideas we are pushing. As you know we are always community first and want your opinions as much as possible. Here is what was proposed by a community member and would love your input. How do you all feel about doing flingo games where people buy into a Flingo space for 0.01? This would be sent into a community Flingo wallet? Whatever amount is in that wallet that night is used for the winners who bought in. For example: Lets say 35 people put 0.01 into that flingo wallet… thats about $560. We can split that into 4 games or however we decide on. Whatever amount is used for the prize in the wallet. This scenario would be like buying into a regular Flingo game but not having to purchase boards. We are fine with whatever is decided, but definitely wanted to get this out there for a community vote!
OG Funky Fly
OG Funky Fly
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