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Do what we can, summer will have its flies.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hi Funky Fly Friends, Welcome to our first newsie! Here we are going to share updates about the NFT project, IRL branding and other activities, and info on the FFLY token. In addition, we’ll be getting to know community members and sharing informational links. Let us know what you want to see here or send us links and fun info to share with the community. Hope to make this a weekly or bi-weekly letter that you enjoy reading!

Mutants are now minting!
Mutants are now minting!
Project Happenings
  • Jon has been working on merch store & FFLY token reward redemption integrations! It’s a big expense to do the integration for FFLY token and it seems worth it for the utility of the token and the project. We are aiming to not only be able to offer Funky Fly Merch for FFLY token but also offer merch & NFTs from partners and friends!!
  • There have been some IRL branding meetings and Jon is working through the process, he has created the LLC and is working on the trademark! More info on this as it unfolds.
  • Mutants are minting now, and the 1:1 were revealed in the discord…they are closer to the end of the mint!
  • The project continues to add reward token liquidity funded by the OG Funky Fly and Mutant Fly Open Sea collections perpetuity.
  • Skateboards have arrived in Uganda!!! Watch this great video about the Uganda Skateboard Society!
  • Floor sweeping has been continued.
  • Lots of conversations happening is discord about utility, and how to organize, and assist in the long-term success of the project. So awesome to see all the ideas and the community coming together.
  • Hippopub and Dillpickle have been posting the #dailyfunkyfly on twitter!
  • Jleggs started the tiktok account!
  • Lisa is working on an awesome funky fly motorcycle helmet!!
  • The next poker games will be announced soon! We are hoping to create some kind of virtual winner’s belt for the winner to be passed around.
Skateboard donation arrived in Uganda!!
It's all about the kids!!
It's all about the kids!!
The skateboards arrived in the hands of the kids of the Uganda Skateboard Society! Funky Flies were able to ship skateboards AND assist in payment of import taxes which has made it difficult for them to receive donations in the past. We are looking forward to seeing more videos to come! Keep your eyes out for an upcoming space with Gose, the founder as well.
Uganda Skateboard Society
OG Fly Skateboard - Deck Only – Funky Flies Shop
Lisa has been busy making a funky fly helmet!!
Lisa has been busy making a funky fly helmet!!
Trait Rewards Current & Upcoming
June 15 Blue Parachute
July 1 Spliff
July 15th Eth Flans
Connect here to collect your FFLY token .
Funky Finds!
Blockchain Transaction Visualizer -
10 Things You Didn't Know About Flies | Housefly Facts | Interesting Facts for Kids
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