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#54 - Waddling SVG Penguins, Road Bikes, and PodRocket!

#54 - Waddling SVG Penguins, Road Bikes, and PodRocket!
By Alex from Frontend Horse • Issue #24 • View online
Adorable SVG animations, a detailed :has() article, a great color tool, and my appearance on the PodRocket podcast!

I got to speak with the wonderful folks over at PodRocket! It was a really fun conversation and fun to talk about this community and my work at Prismic.
Give a listen and let me know what you think!
PodRocket - Frontend Horse with Alex Trost
There’s also a video recording if that’s more your thing!
Point and Click Penguin
Road Bike
Huetone • Make colors accessible - Create beautiful images of your code
Community Question
Last Week’s Question
You’ve been given a time machine to go back and stop one CSS feature from ever being invented. Which do you stop?
Adir would change color to text-color and background-color to color.
Temani would ditch !important, while Caroline would change how max-width works and make grid-template-columns shorter to type.
Adam points out that “will-change often does more harm than good.”
Amit would change the default for transform-style, Brent would reverse flex-direction, and Thomas would improve how multi-columns work.
Brandon and David have my vote: make border-box the default from the beginning.
What’s awesome is that the CSS Working Group has its own list of Mistakes in the Design of CSS! Thanks to Ben for sharing.
This Week’s Question
🐴 Frontend Horse
❓Weekly Community Question❓

What CSS property do you think more folks should know about?
Head over to Twitter to give your response and I’ll include your answers in next week’s newsletter!
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Huge thanks to Ryan Trimble for buying me a coffee last week! I greatly appreciate the support. 💜
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