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Random Ruby - Issue #25

Hey, guys! This is all-new 25th issue or Random Ruby newsletter. I hope you'll like it. Please send y

Random Ruby

July 1 · Issue #25 · View online
Hand-picked compilation made of Ruby, Rails and related news.

Hey, guys! This is all-new 25th issue or Random Ruby newsletter. I hope you’ll like it. Please send your feedback in the reply or whatever way you find convenient.

P.S. First issue in English. Wow!

How To Light A Fire Under Your Butt
A Rubyist's Guide to Postgresql's Explain
SO[L]ID - Liskov Substitution Principle
Upgrading Shopify to Rails 5
Gathering weak npm credentials
Rails 5.1's form_with vs. old form helpers
Faster Rails: Indexing Large Database Tables Without Downtime
An Overview of the Logging Ecosystem in 2017
Made a Phoenix webapp as a veteran Rails dev.
A better way to import all your records using ActiveRecord Import!
Tell, Don't Ask
dexter: The automatic indexer for Postgres
Demystifying Rails
We Are All Awesome!
In short
Railscasts Pro and Revised are now free for everyone!
In Ruby 2.4 constants TRUE, FALSE and NIL are deprecated.
How Pattern Matching works in Elixir. In case you didn’t know.
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As I said in the beginning of this issue, this is the first issue in English. I really hope you’ll like it and newsletter itself.

Till next issue!
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