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Examples of font families we’ve offered to members in the past:

Bolivia by David Einwaller

Avona Serif by Alanna Munro

Behrens Sans by Morula Type

And of course, your member-exclusive license comes with our top picks of new, high-quality free / open source fonts. Every month!

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☝🏽 It’s not possible to get the font families that were offered in the months prior to the start of your membership. Become a member now and you won’t miss the one offered this month!

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Frequently asked questions

Is this just members only?

No, there's also a free version that you can subscribe to. If you like what you're receiving you can always decide to become a supporting member.

How do I become a member?

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What if I'm already a subscriber?

We'll add a link to become a member in our free newsletters. From there you can easily upgrade.

Can I cancel my subscriptions at any time?

Yes, you can cancel whenever you want. You'll receive the members only content until the end of your monthly billing cycle.