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3 / The Visual History of Type is here!

Hello, type lover! Welcome to the 3rd issue of Fresh Fonts. Did you know, you can read all previous i

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October 6 · Issue #3 · View online
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Hello, type lover!
Welcome to the 3rd issue of Fresh Fonts. Did you know, you can read all previous issues right here?

Photo credits: FormFiftyFive
Photo credits: FormFiftyFive
This month, after more than seven years in the making, I’m happy to share with you the release of The Visual History of Type by Paul McNeil, co-founder of design studio MuirMcNeil and Senior Lecturer in Typography at the London College of Communication.
With close to 700 pages, the volume is a definitive reference about the evolution of type. It features 320 of the most iconic typefaces designed between 1454 and 2015, in chronological order. Each one of them is presented within its historical context, with a description of its key characteristics and full-color specimens. (More about the book
I’m giving away two copies of the book to Fresh Fonts subscribers!
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To enter the giveaway, simply share the link on Twitter or LinkedIn, tagging in your post 3 friends or people who inspired you to learn more about type design.
Make sure that your post is public, otherwise I won’t see it. You have until Friday night, October 13th. Entries end at midnight EST (Montreal time).
🏃🏽 Hurry up, you only have a few days!
I will get in touch with two randomly picked winners on Monday, October 16th. The winners will also be announced in the next issue of Fresh Fonts. Good luck!
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Specter, the latest addition to the library of MCKL, is a constructed geometric sans with 90° sheared terminals, a friendly lowercase and true italics. Fourteen styles are available in seven weights, including special inline display styles.
Pressio is a new typeface released by Signal, the foundry of Max Phillips. Its narrower bold cuts are inspired by the great mid-century skyline sanses, while the widest cuts are stark and intense. Currently 50% off.
Center (extended)
Also the work of Dublin-based Signal, Center has been completely redrawn and expanded with two new weights. The family now counts nine weights, ranging from the elegant thin to the massive ultra, and a new slab companion. Currently 50% off.
Graphik (extended)
The original width of Graphik, released in 2009, is in red on the left.
The original width of Graphik, released in 2009, is in red on the left.
Commercial Type originally introduced Graphik, a sleek and elegantly neutral sans type family, back in 2009. At the time, the vision was to build Graphik into a large, multi-width typeface system with a rational approach to the grid of widths and weights. Almost ten years later, that plan is now a reality, with the release of  six new widths of Graphik: from compact to XXXX condensed. 
Like it wasn’t enough, Graphik has also been expanded to support the Arabic script. 
Centra Series
The Centra series, released by Sharp Type, is a geometric sans serif available in two families. While Centra No.1 finds a more humanist voice, Centra No.2 leans more into its modernist roots of Bauhaus aesthetics. Both of them were designed by Josh Finklea. 
Designed by Alberto Romanos, Nista is a clean modernist sans serif in three different sets: Grotesk, International and Geometric. All three variations are available in 7 weights from the elegant thin to the authoritative black, with matching oblique italics. Currently 70% off.
National 2 (extended)
New Zealand’s Klim Type Foundry introduced an updated version of National, its popular sans. The typeface’s weight distribution was improved as well as its curve quality. There are also three new widths: narrow, condensed and compressed.
Pensum Display
Designed by Nils Thomsen, Pensum Display is a new sharp, triangular face – perfect for display and headline uses. While its nine weights offer a broad spectrum of expression, the matching italics will add emphasis where you need it. Currently 50% off.
Designed by James Puckett, Antarctican is a new display sans family, complete with a monospaced text font and matching condensed headline fonts. Currently 50% off. 
The foundry of graphic design studio Atipo just released Archia, a neo-geometric sans serif. Archia includes interesting features for numeric typography, such as pre-designed fractions and tabular figures – making it perfect for tables, price lists and financial reports. Free! 
Marvin Visions
Released by Production Type, Dr is a curious kind of geometric sans serif. This is because the typeface was initially developed as part of the design for a medical company. Dr is available in six weights with small caps and matching italics.
Pocket sized lettering notebooks by Badson Studio
Pocket sized lettering notebooks by Badson Studio
God loves fonts keytag by Sharp Type Co.
God loves fonts keytag by Sharp Type Co.
“In essence, typography is design with language, or of language.” – Paul McNeil
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