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19 / The inverted issue 🙃


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June 26 · Issue #19 · View online
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Happy Tuesday font friends!
Lots of impressive work to share with you today! In fact, many of the typefaces showcased in this issue feature what is called an inverted contrast (also called reverse contrast) and since I’m not a type expert, I wasn’t overly familiar with the concept, and decided to seek a definition for it:
A reverse-contrast typeface has letterforms in which the stress is reversed from the norm: instead of the vertical lines being the same width or thicker than horizontals, the horizontal lines are the thickest. (Source)
I borrowed the image below from Sharp Type’s website, as it illustrates pretty well the difference between a font with a high contrast, and a font with a high but reversed contrast, in which the horizontal lines are the thickest. (Image source)
Standard high contrast vs Reverse high contrast (via Sharp Type)
Standard high contrast vs Reverse high contrast (via Sharp Type)
Lastly, inverted or reverse contrast is usually used in display fonts, since its goal is to create loud, high-impact visual effects. You will find several examples of typefaces with such contrast below.
I hope you enjoy today’s issue as much as I enjoyed putting it together! – Noemi
PS Following my previous issue, I received unanimous feedback that the text descriptions under each typeface were adding value to this newsletter – which made my decision to reintroduce them pretty easy. Thanks again to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts with me!
New typeface releases
Sainte Colombe
Marlon Pro
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Happy Times at the IKOB
Thanks for reading! 👋
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With special thanks to my contributor Christophe Bouche for his input and typeface ideas.
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