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18 / Phantom Foundry is here 👻

Hi y'all! 👋 After realizing that large amounts of text might feel overwhelming sometimes, I've been t
Fresh Fonts
18 / Phantom Foundry is here 👻
By Noemi Stauffer • Issue #18 • View online
Hi y'all! 👋
After realizing that large amounts of text might feel overwhelming sometimes, I’ve been trying to simplify but also considerably reduce the length of this newsletter.
I’m therefore trying out a new format this week, in which I have removed the text descriptions under each typeface and replaced them with a title, leaving more space for images.
Feedback: Do you miss the text descriptions under each featured typeface? Should I reintroduce them?
Please have a look and let me know, I read and answer every single reply, and your feedback means a ton! ✌️– Noemi

New font releases
Free fonts
Suggested pairing
This week’s suggested pairing consists of two typefaces recently released by Italian foundry Zetafonts. While Blacker is a high contrast serif with sharp wedges, Codec is a geometric sans available in two variants. Codec also includes over a hundred ligatures, alternates and swashes, and two logo subfamilies – making it perfect for logo design.
🎁 For a limited time, get 70% off all styles of both Blacker and Codec
Pairing tip
A good superfamily will include a serif and a sans-serif version of the same typeface that will work great together. Some examples include Lucida / Lucida Sans and Meta / Meta Sans. – Nick Carson
Til the next time! 👋
Contributors: Much appreciation to Christophe Bouche for his valuable feedback and typeface ideas.
Get featured: If you stumble upon a great new typeface, or want to share your own, just hit reply and send me the link! I will feature it in the next issue 👊🏽
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