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The War of the Worlds Digital Card



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Hey, all!
Javier from Free Bundle Magazine here, just to thank you all for the incredible response; our cards “Famous Pulp Magazines and Their Covers” are a complete success! 
Let’s dive in!

War of the Worlds Digital Card
We were itching to release a series of cards based on Pulp Magazines’ covers since we first announced our Digital Cards. For those of you who haven’t seen our cards yet, here’s a sample; this one is from our “Halloween Nights” series.
Neat uh? Professor Abraham Van Helsing never looked this smooth. By the way, in the new pack, there are cards from some of the most famous pulp magazines of all time, including Amazing Stories, Planet Terror, and Weird Tales, where H. P. Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury published stories! One even features the original cover for Weird Tale’s The War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells!
If you have not yet opened your pack, hurry; it will be available only through April!
What’s Next
Beginning today, you will start getting one surprise pack from this series each week all through the end of April. From which Pulp Magazine? That’s for you to find out! There are also plans to release two series simultaneously next month, but we will get onto that later.
Since Free Bundle Magazine is a quarterly magazine, we will be reaching out to you every Tuesday with an exclusive “behind the scenes” report, but, for now, we wanted to let you know how the “Famous Pulp Magazines and Their Covers” series was performing:
Packs Delivered: 24,504
Packs Opened:    8,895
At this rate, pretty much everyone subscribed to the magazine will have these wonderful digital cards in their collection! We really hope you get into collecting them too!
Your pal,
Javier Cabrera
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