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For the next generation of engineers

Freddie Carthy
Freddie Carthy
For the next generation of engineers

As I set off on this newsletter adventure I’d like to start off by saying thank you for signing up and letting me speak directly to you. This newsletter, and certainly this first issue, is an extension of how I choose to give back to the community. I believe giving back is needed to make this not just a better place for us all, but for those in the future that have yet to write a single line of code.
I’ve been thinking a lot about career growth, self-improvement, mentorship, and paying it forward. Specifically, I’ve been reflecting on my career and thinking about the people that made an impact on it, good or bad.
Throughout my 10 years in this industry I’ve had the opportunity to work with some truly remarkable engineers, but many of them weren’t very good at lifting others up along with them. The ones that were inspired me to do the same for others. And so here I am.
This field is incredibly collaborative; we use open source software, we review each other’s code, we answer questions, we use source control together. Fostering an environment of inclusion, learning, positivity, and motivation is paramount for all of our success.
So the next time someone asks you for a little help, consider giving it if you can. Never mind the fact that this will have very real positive effects on your own career. One day that engineer will likely be the one in a position to help and they’ll remember you.
Freddie Carthy 💥
If you’re a mid/senior engineer realize that you have incredible power in shaping the future of early career devs.

Mentor them, be kind, be excited to help.

One day *they’ll* be the senior engineer, they’ll remember you, and do the same for the next generation ✨
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Freddie Carthy
Freddie Carthy @freddiecarthy

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