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FoundersDoor Week 5 🚀 - Issue #5

FoundersDoor Week 5 🚀 - Issue #5
By Kwaku Dapaah • Issue #5 • View online
Welcome to your regular update on the progress of Founders Door, the YSYS pre-accelerator for 18-24 year old, underrepresented founders in London; supported by OneTech Talent, a provider of The Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme and NBS Ventures.
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Highlights of the Week
Hey {{first_name}}, I can see the end of the road and I’m not looking forward to it. We are approaching the final week of #FoundersDoor and it’s sad to think that there won’t be any more cool workshops to sit in on with our cohort - well at least until our next round a couple of months.
It is genuinely mind boggling to think about just how much valuable information was shared by our workshop leaders on Saturday. Firstly the fabulous Lois Ollerenshaw from our programme partner, NBS Ventures gave us a practical breakdown on how to build and develop contacts as a startup founder, but also more generally as a young professional.
I know that the sessions are for the founders and not strictly speaking for me (sigh) but I found myself scribbling down loads of Lois’ tips for networking success; such as the simple ways to add value to a contact even when you are quite junior.
Our teams learned about how a shift of mindset regarding networking can make the activity less awkward, boring or daunting and actually quite enjoyable. Probably one of the most useful takeaways was finding out the perfect execution of the “cya handshake” to get out of conversations swiftly but politely. There is definitely an art to it.
AJ ruthlessly executing the 'cya handshake' to Andrew
AJ ruthlessly executing the 'cya handshake' to Andrew
Our star caterer, Yasin from Chop Well really went all out with lunch and blessed us with some West African cuisine. The old age jollof wars between Ghana and Nigeria was successfully quashed by the Senegambian version, which I must say is probably number one in the rankings now.
A beautiful sight to behold.
A beautiful sight to behold.
Funke in action.
Funke in action.
Overcoming the post-lunch lethargy, we were joined by lawyer, entrepreneur and investor Funke Phillip, who delivered the Legal Essentials for Startups; probably the most content-rich workshop of the pre-accelerator so far. Funke had our teams absorbing some tough lessons on the importance of documentation and being legally sound when dealing with employees, customers, investors and even your fellow co-founders.
The basics of director obligations, shareholder rights and articles of association were covered, as well as practical advice on how to protect intellectual property and ensure that startups are abiding by the relevant regulations for their industries. It’s safe to say that by the end our cohort was thoroughly convinced of the need to know their legal requirements and definitely had me questioning my university degree choice.
Feedback Swap et. al post-saving humanity.
Feedback Swap et. al post-saving humanity.
That evening we all headed down to Bankside to grab some dinner before entering “The Grid”, which saw teams going undercover as employees for an evil startup using AI to takeover the world. With the last few weeks being so work intensive it was nice for our cohort, mentors and members of the YSYS community to get together and have non-startup (sort of) related fun.
Next week we will be having awesome workshops on two important topics: Financial Essentials for Startups with Ed Halliday and Public Speaking and Pitching with Rowan. They say that accounting is boring but hey, it got to be done and founders probably have to talk about what they do 10 times a day so getting some public speaking and pitching practice can only be of benefit for our teams, especially before our Celebration Night on 20th August (see below).
As per, I’ll keep y'all posted!
In related news...
FoundersDoor Celebration Night
Leave the evening of 20th August free! You are invited to join us in celebrating the journey and success of our very first cohort on the pre-accelerator. Hope to see you there!
AJ gives us another insightful sneak peak into his journal; reflecting on his learnings from the last workshop.
FoundersDoor Week 5 😭 - YSYS - Medium
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