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FoundersDoor Week 4 🚀 - Issue #4

FoundersDoor Week 4 🚀 - Issue #4
By Kwaku Dapaah • Issue #4 • View online
Welcome to your regular update on the progress of FoundersDoor, the YSYS pre-accelerator for 18-24 year old, underrepresented founders in London; supported by OneTech Talent, a provider of The Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme and NBS Ventures.
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Highlights of the Week
Hey {{first_name}}, glad to know that you survived last week’s heatwave and didn’t melt on the central line.
As I mentioned last week, Saturday’s focus was to delve a little into the more creative side of things - after all, creating a startup isn’t just about analysing and validating, there is an artistic side - one example of which is how to tell the story of your company in a way that resonates with potential customers or investors.
We had the pleasure of Abiola Babarinde leading a workshop called “Storytelling for Startup Success”. Alongside running a successful popular blog, Abiola is a digital marketing consultant through her company SBM, making her expertise extremely valuable to our young founders.
Abiola mid-flow
Abiola mid-flow
Week 4 was more practical than usual with our teams creating mood boards, starting the process of designing landing pages and other brainstorming activities to get them to strategise how their language and storytelling can be tailored for their largest customer bases.
Abiola shared some gems on the psychological connotations associated with the use of certain literary devises, fonts, colours and forms of content, and how they also play into cultivating a brand identity that appeals to customers.
Anwar of Novus Ardem shares his mood board of brand inspirations
Anwar of Novus Ardem shares his mood board of brand inspirations
With teams being gently reminded that they will indeed be “pitching” on our celebration night on 20th August (put in your calendars), it was an opportune time to learn about some of the principles of a good pitch.
Thank you to Russel from our partners NBS Ventures for running an informative webinar on the topic and explaining the three styles and structures for pitches. Teams also got a good grounding on the general expectations of investors, but also the importance of knowing exactly what you want to gain from a potential investor - in short, money should only be one aspect of it!
Obligatory food snap #chopwell - less leftovers than usual, unfortunately for me :(
Obligatory food snap #chopwell - less leftovers than usual, unfortunately for me :(
The founders have a workshop heavy session over the next two weeks. This Saturday our workshop leaders will be exploring the “Legal Essentials for a Startup” and “Networking for Entrepreneurs”.
Social Events
As they say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” - we’re excited for our cohort and mentors to take part in an Escape Room this week. The theme: an evil startup has created AI technology that will destroy mankind and our founders will have to pose undercover to stop it. Nice and lighthearted then.
As always, I’ll keep you posted (assuming we escape the escape room) - enjoy the rest of your week!
In related news...
FoundersDoor Celebration Night
Leave the evening of 20th August free! You are invited to join us in celebrating the journey and success of our very first cohort on the pre-accelerator. Details and booking here. Hope to see you there!
Good News!
Congratulations to Gabrielle from the Feedback Swap team for being hired as an intern for Metier Digital who (if you remember) ran our workshop on product validation last week! Our young founders already leveraging the power of networking ay! Well done to her :)
AJ gives us another insightful sneak peak into his journal; reflecting on his learnings from the last workshop.
The importance of telling a story - YSYS - Medium
One of our founders, Michelle from The Good Hair Co. recently contributed to a NHS Blood & Transplant video campaign to raise awareness of blood donation in the black community. Check it out below!
GiveBlood 🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️
INTRODUCING Dinner x Donate!

Our new series with @blackgirlfest - giving Black women a chance to sit down with other inspirational Black British women before a trip to give blood.

Our first episode is with award-winning journalist and @slayinyourlane author @yomiadegoke.
How can you add value to our founders?
Thanks for your continued support to our teams and the programme at large - we appreciate you!
Team Spiela are keen to really nail their pricing. Completing this survey would really help. Even better? Share with your recruitment teams at your organisation.
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