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FoundersDoor Week 3 🚀 - Issue #3

FoundersDoor Week 3 🚀 - Issue #3
By Kwaku Dapaah • Issue #3 • View online
Welcome to your regular update on the progress of FoundersDoor, the YSYS pre-accelerator for 18-24 year old, underrepresented founders in London; supported by OneTech Talent, a provider of The Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme and NBS Ventures.
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Highlights of the Week
Hey {{first_name}}, hope you’re week has been off to a good start?
Honestly, it’s so hard to believe that we’ve already hit the halfway mark on the pre-accelerator. The time really does fly but it’s even harder to believe considering how many interesting developments have occurred in that short space of time. Our founders have had business concept pivots, name changes, and if you permit me a euphemism, team “restructurings”. Clearly, the rollercoaster experience of the startup world hasn’t been lost on our cohort 3 weeks into their journeys!
Validating Your Idea Workshop mid-flow
Validating Your Idea Workshop mid-flow
Now I’ve said it twice before (and I’ll probably say it say it again) but this week we had an awesome workshop; this time on Validating Your Idea and Solution. Nana Parry, CEO and Founder of Metier Digital - a company that in a nutshell “turns great ideas into commercially viable products” - delivered a session which clearly resonated with our cohort. His personally story from working as a cleaner in kitchens and bars to managing the second largest account for Fujitsu at 25, to then founding a six-figure generating business three years ago was a motivating story of perseverance for our young founders.
Private joke?
Private joke?
Alongside some words of wisdom on entrepreneurial mindset, our team were introduced to the concept of creating a CVP rather than the more popularly known MVP, or in other words, the importance of creating a stripped down product that customers will be willing to pay for as the real metric of validation. Nana also stressed the fundamental necessity for market validation to be data driven, providing some practical strategies for our founders to implement. Teams then received some one-to-one advice with him over lunch: thai green curry and rice provided by our friends at Chop Well - again, the leftovers left with me.
Shout out to the lovely people at Salesforce for giving our founders a tour of their fabulous space in the Salesforce Tower. The views you ask? Incredible.
I’m looking forward to seeing what this weekend has in store. We switch focus to the slightly more right brain dominant area of branding and marketing.
As always, I’ll keep you posted. Until then, enjoy the weather!
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Matthew of the Munch team reflects on his week:
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Thanks to all who have reached out so far and offered support in your own ways - we appreciate you!
Team Munch are going to be running a focus group for people with food allergies on 29th/30th July - if you fit the bill or know somebody who does, fill in and share the link to this form.
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