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FoundersDoor Final Week 🚀 - Issue #6

FoundersDoor Final Week 🚀 - Issue #6
By Kwaku Dapaah • Issue #6 • View online
Welcome to your regular update on the progress of Founders Door, the YSYS pre-accelerator for 18-24 year old, underrepresented founders in London; supported by OneTech Talent, a provider of The Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme and NBS Ventures.
Want to explore how you can get involved in Founders Door or just want to connect? Drop me a line:

Highlights of the Week
Hey {{first_name}}, It is with a heavy heart that I must declare that we have officially come to the end of the road… the first round of Founders Door is now over :(
Me / Crying Michael Jordan
Me / Crying Michael Jordan
Week 6 commenced with the same level of intensity as every other week of the programme. We kicked off with Ed Halliday of Futures Faculty breaking down the essentials of finance that every startup must become acquainted with. It wasn’t the sexy side of finance like investment but the key day-to-day principles of business management that are FUNDAMENTAL to surviving as a startup.
Not only did teams become familiarised with accounting concepts like cash-flow and P+L statements, Ed also gave some insights into how they might be able to forecast sales by tracking things such as conversions to sales from dummy facebook ads. A large chunk of the session was dedicated to team actually creating their own live financial models which no doubt will be invaluable moving forward.
Public speaking is a daunting task for many, it is downright terrifying for some. In the second workshop of the day, Rowan introduced an interesting acting technique that is often employed in drama classes but lends itself well to how to approach presenting. It involves creating 10 versions of yourself labelled on a scale of 1 to 10; 1 being really low energy and 10 being very high energy. From this you find the happy medium which you can tap into depending on the circumstance and which version of “you” is best suited for the task. For example, a very extroverted person’s version of a “7” might be perfect for pitching to a panel of investors but for a reserved person they may need to bring out their “9” or “10” to deliver strongly. Similarly, the energy of your presentation must vary based on other nuances of the audience e.g. technical vs. non-technical.
Scale of 1-to-10
Scale of 1-to-10
Teams then had the chance to give short impromptu pitches to the rest of the group and it was amazing to see the growth in confidence after implementing some of the simple tips and tricks that contribute to an engaging presentation. Make sure you come to the Founders Door celebration evening so that you can see them for yourself!
Feedback Swap team practicing their pitch
Feedback Swap team practicing their pitch
So… I guess that’s it then folks. It’s been an absolutely amazing six weeks which I’m sad to see come to a close. With that said, it is just the beginning for the entrepreneurial journeys of our teams and the talented individuals that make them. Do continue to stay up to date by following their various social media accounts ( see below) and reaching out to show your support!
We’ll be kicking off Round 2 of the Founders Door pre-accelerator with a new cohort in early October. If you want to explore how you can get involved please shoot me an email:
Until next time!
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FoundersDoor Celebration Night
Leave the evening of 20th August free! You are invited to join us in celebrating the journey and success of our very first cohort on the pre-accelerator. Hope to see you there!
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