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The best way to support my work is by making a pledge on my Patreon site.

By supporting my work via Patreon, patrons get the power to fund a full professional photo shoot to a site/place/building in the historic environment. Patrons will become my editing commissioner - with the chance to contribute to the brief and engage with the shoot.

The first site will be chosen once I reach 25 patrons. Can you help me achieve my goal?

Additionally, patrons get access to immersive content that complements the digest, including access to my Treasure Hoard Gazetteer plus a monthly members Patina newsletter that allows you to see the latest chapters of my draft book and access free hi-res photos.

There's lots more, including exclusive access to a members Twitter Circle and the opportunity to follow my travels live via the Polarsteps app. Click below for more information:



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PATINA EDITION NEWSLETTER - WHAT YOU GET (Available to both Patrons and Digest Members)

Photography * Architecture * Heritage * *Building Conservation *Placemaking * Travel *Wellbeing *Advice


  • My Book. - I'm writing a book - it's about photography, architecture and light. It tells of how becoming a photographer saved my life. Members will get regular insights into my book including: exclusive excerpts, associated photography, background insights and opportunities to contribute.
  • Exclusive Photography - I'll be including exclusive photography from my travels including more 'behind the scene' shots.
  • Photographer's Guide to Buildings and Locations - where to go, what time to do it, best angles and more...
  • Photography Tips and Tricks - including how to get the most out of phone photography.
  • Free Photo Download. - choose a photo of your choice and download the hi-res image from my shop to use for a print or screen saver, or both.
  • Ask Me Anything - set up a zoom, orchestrate a call - hotline to insights, travel, help and advice.

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  • Members will have access to an exclusive twitter circle with extra up to date content, video and photography. More behind the scenes access to travels around the UK.
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