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By Giovanna Farinella

Food Tech - Issue #29

Food Tech




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Food Tech

The most relevant content and news at the intersection of Food & Tech, from all around the globe.

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Tech News Last Week
Why Food Science Departments Need Leadership Boards
11 Inspiring Women in the Food Tech Industry | foodcircle
Interview with Caroline Martins representing the North West region on Great British Menu 2022 – Women In the Food Industry
Space Hummus? Israel, NASA & Strauss Team Up to Grow Chickpeas in Space
Deep Dive Posts
Facing the Food Waste Crisis
New (Food) Packaging Laws in Europe
Celebrating Women in Food Science
Idea accelerators
Builders and Backers | Idea Accelerator
7th Women Startup Competition - FINAL 20
Webinar: Alternative Protein Virtual Pitch Event.
Fabrice De Clerck and Amy Wu on Innovating a Better Food System
Listen to Dawn Davies of The Whisky Exchange Podcast with Women In the Food Industry
Listen to Nicola Matthews of Tony's Chocolonely Podcast with Women In the Food Industry
Interview & Podcast with Lesley Stonier CMO of Forward Fooding
Ruth Hansom on competing in Bocuse d'Or National Selection - Podcast & Interview
TED Talks
Jasmine Crowe: What we're getting wrong in the fight to end hunger
Dame Stephanie Shirley: Why do ambitious women have flat heads?
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