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Food Tech - Issue #24

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Food Tech

The most relevant content and news at the intersection of Food & Tech, from all around the globe.

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Tech News Last Week
Cellular agriculture & emerging markets: Just because we can, does it mean we should?
With Food Scan, Snapchat is the Latest Company Trying to Create a ‘Shazam for Food’
Food shortages and price inflation the perfect storm this Christmas?
Alt. Protein Round-Up: Labeling for Cultivated Meat & the Desire for Greater Transparency
Mythbreakers: Is coffee bad for your heart?
Plant-based foods "unnecessarily" high in salt.
Deep Dive Posts
How a Taquito Brand is Rolling Up New Restaurant Technologies to Help Expand Its Franchise Business
Gastropod - Are Plant- and Fungus-Based Meats Really Better than the Real Thing?
Nordic FoodTech - Saltverk's CEO Björn Steinar Jónsson on Icelandic salt production from geothermal energy
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