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Food Tech - Issue #14

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Food Tech

The most relevant content and news at the intersection of Food & Tech, from all around the globe.

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Tech News Last Week
  • Flavour of horticultural products is important to consumers. That is why many growers and breeders have their products tested by the flavour panel of the Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University & Research. Due to the corona crisis, testing is mainly done at home with the members of the flavour panel. In the future they may get help from VR glasses
  • A new not-for-profit platform is utilising the technology used to order your favourite takeaways to increase the diversity of food offered to food banks and pantries. Food Rescue Hero uses an app similar to ride-sharing platforms to coordinate a network of on-demand volunteer drivers, currently more than 23,000 strong. This responsive network allows the platform to overcome some of the critical logistical barriers of retail food donation.
  • Researchers from Japan have found a way to utilise part of the hop plant wasted during the beer brewing process, by forming cellulose nanofibers from the leftover biomass.
  • A Spanish minister has been roasted by members of his own coalition government over his efforts to reduce meat consumption in the country.
Deep Dive Posts
  • Twelve international student teams will present their ideas to produce sustainable, healthy and affordable protein during the Grand Finale of the Rethink Protein Challenge organised by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) on 25 June. They’ll compete not only for the prize of €6000 but also for professional support in making their idea reality. The ReThink Protein Challenge is not just a contest but a real quest for sources of protein that are needed to feed the world.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Kingdom of Spain today acknowledged their joint efforts to fight global hunger and malnutrition in the past decade and pledged to further strengthen their collaboration in the future.
  • Providing the world population with sufficient quantities of safe food and drinking water is hampered by several factors, including erratic weather patterns from climate change and global overpopulation.The WHO estimates that the annual global burden of foodborne illness is approximately 600 million people, with 40% of the associated deaths coming from children under five years of age. These staggering statistics have led many scientists to look for new technologies to help combat pathogenic bacteria, while others are looking to revive older strategies.
  • Taco Bell is testing a vegan chalupa shell made from peas as it strives for meatless fast-food dominance.
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