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Food Tech - Issue #13

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Food Tech

The most relevant content and news at the intersection of Food & Tech, from all around the globe.

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Tech News Last Week
  • The UN’s 2030 target to curb food insecurity is fast approaching, and we’re losing ground. How can the global food system pull together to regain momentum? Can Science Deliver Zero Hunger?
  • Shortly after shutting down troversial Farmers to Families Food Box program for good, Biden’s USDA refocused its efforts to tackle hunger.
  • A steady lunch routine of cheeseburgers and fries may shorten your life, but loading your dinner plate with vegetables could do the opposite.
  • A grocery chain in Canada is recalling Dole brand fresh blueberries because test results have shown contamination with the Cyclospora parasite.
  • Mealworms could be hitting restaurants and supermarkets in products like burgers, pasta and even as snacks coated in chocolate in the relatively near future in some areas.
  • Vegan diets can be optimal for normal growth in children, according to a review published in Nutrition Research. Researchers reviewed literature on growth and overall health in children who follow vegan diets and assessed intake of several key nutrients.
Deep Dive Posts
  • This review article discusses the need for sustainable diets by exploring the interactions between the food industry, nutrition, health and the environment, which are strongly interconnected.
  • Recruitment of food science and technology graduates remains a priority for the UK food industry in the wake of skills shortages. 
  • Since the Novel Food Regulation came into effect on 1 January 2018, EFSA has received a large volume of applications, covering a wide variety of novel and traditional food sources. These include herbal products derived from plants, algae-based foods, and non-indigenous fruits in addition to an array of edible insect varieties.
  • Researchers were able to show for the first time that a very low calorie diet significantly alters the composition of the microbiota present in the human gut.
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