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Flyte Monthly - Issue #4

Flyte Monthly
Flyte Monthly - Issue #4
By Tyler Su • Issue #4 • View online
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What's Up?
This is a proud moment for Flyte - LF AI & Data just announced that Flyte has advanced from an Incubation Project to a
🎓 Graduate Project 🎓 !!
“This graduation is the result of Flyte demonstrating thriving adoption, an ongoing flow of contributions from multiple organizations, and both documented and structured open governance processes. Flyte has also … demonstrated a strong commitment to its community of users and contributors.”
Thacker, Erin. “LF AI & Data Foundation Announces Graduation of Flyte Project.” The Linux Foundations Projects, Jan 20, 2022,
We have also been awarded the Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices Badge, and owe it to our Flyte team, contributors and community for all of their hard work and support!
Flyte's Latest...
Flyte v0.19.1 Eagle Release - the first quarterly release in 2022 - features Flytekit (Python) updates, Google Analytics support, UI fixes, new search UX and system-wide changes (horizontal auto-scaler for the execution engine, at-most-once semantics for cached task executions, among others).
Release Flyte v0.19.1 milestone release · flyteorg/flyte · GitHub
Flyte was recently adopted at Gojek, an on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group, who were seeking a scalable, Kubernetes-native data-aware orchestrator. After trying multiple alternatives for their growing Machine Learning processes, it made good business sense to proceed with Flyte.
Listen to Pradithya Aria Pura tell the story from within Gojek, starting from the growth of ML within the company, to the pain points they used to face, the onboarding process and how it was optimized, up until plans to integrate Flyte throughout the company. The video also includes several Flytekit plugins that Gojek used and demos of workflows of their generated projects.
Adopting Flyte at Gojek - Jan 11 Flyte OSS Sync Up
Adopting Flyte at Gojek - Jan 11 Flyte OSS Sync Up
This Is How We Do It..
Contributor Appreciation Program
Being an open-source project, Flyte wouldn’t be where it is today without its contributors. To show our gratitude, we’ve developed an appreciation program for the different levels of contribution:
  • Flyte Pilot - one who steers Flyte
  • Flyte Host - one who contributes features and plugins
  • Flyte Passenger - one who improves documentation and squashes bugs
Plus customizable swag sponsored by!
Details are on our home page - just look for the gift box!
We Want to Hear From You..
Join Jason Porter, Frontend Team Manager at, who leads their work on FlyteConsole, for the second Flyte UX/UI Townhall. Share your experience with Flyte, features you like and those you’d like to see, pain points, and be part of the overall design process.
At the upcoming Flyte OSS Sync Up, Tuesday Jan 25th, 8:30am PT. Meeting details here.
Coming Up..
Flyte Documentation improvements are underway!
Check out our all-new:
  • Search engine by Algolia
  • Update Getting Started, User Guide & Tutorials
  • Streamlined Concepts
  • Step-by-step Deployment
  • Page review - give us a 👍  or 👎 and tell us why!
As always, contributions are more than welcome! Everything you need to know is in Contributing to Flyte. TIA!
Flyte Jobs $$
The team at are hiring for a few Flyte positions, including:
  • Sr. Documentation Engineer (Technical Writer)
  • DevOps Sr. Engineer
For the full list of opportunities, visit their page on
If your organization uses Flyte and is offering a position to work on Flyte, please contact Sandra at for more information.
Thank You Contributors!
Flyte v0.19.1 Eagle Release & Flytekit v0.26.0 Contributors
And thank you to everyone who has worked on Flyte from day 1, making it possible for us to be where we are today - one of the fastest LF AI & Data Incubation projects to graduate!
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Tyler Su

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