Flyte Monthly

By Sandra Youssef

Find out what we've been up to at Flyte - news, tutorials, workshops, events and more.

Find out what we've been up to at Flyte - news, tutorials, workshops, events and more.

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Flyte Monthly - Issue #8

Growing the Flyte EcosystemFlyte is pleased to announce a couple of projects that were built on the Flyte ecosystem and later developed for more specific use cases.UnionML: The Easiest Way to Build and Deploy Flyte ML ProjectsUnionML is an open-source MLOps f…


Flyte Monthly - Issue #7

With our established confidence in Flyte's stability and APIs comes the first major release of the platform - Flyte 1.0 Phoenix!In addition to various FlyteKit and Console updates, Flyte 1.0 also features core platform updates, including:Single Binary (Fast F…


Flyte Monthly - Issue #6

Flyte's Hackathon with the MLOPs Community, Engineering Labs, has begun!Teams have been announced, projects have begun, and our playground cluster Okta is now open to participants!Stay tuned - winners will be announced by early April!


Flyte Monthly - Issue #5

Flyte is proud to announce our first hackathon in collaboration with the MLOps Community - Engineering Labs! For 4 weeks, venture into MLOps in this virtual hackathon. Gain the skills to become a full-stack ML engineer by building end-to-end ML applications u…


Flyte Monthly - Issue #4

This is a proud moment for Flyte - LF AI & Data just announced that Flyte has advanced from an Incubation Project to a 🎓 Graduate Project 🎓 !!"This graduation is the result of Flyte demonstrating thriving adoption, an ongoing flow of contributions from mu…


Flyte Monthly - Issue #3

The first in a series of Flyte projects with an end-to-end application has launched!Introducing Niels Bantilan's weather forecasting app, which uses Flyte together with Pandera and Streamlit for a robust, reliable and interactive app. The objective was to tra…


Flyte Monthly - Issue #2

Flyte's open source community meets twice a month on Tuesday mornings. This month, Flyte added to the agenda its first Community Update, featuring a Hacktoberfest '21 wrap-up, upcoming talks and meet-ups, core team insights, and ongoing community projects. De…


Flyte Monthly - Issue #1

Flyte is in! Click on the banner to find out how to Meet Flyte at Hacktoberfest, become a Flyte contributor, and earn cool swag! Through Oct 31st.